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Shawn Adair Johnston Author Interview

Interstellar Sex Wars and the Blind Detective follows a renowned blind private investigator who is drawn into a case in which the fate of sentient life hangs in the balance. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

There are two interconnected inspirations for the story. The first is to introduce a credible blind hero into popular literature. If I can inspire some young blind men and women to pursue professional success, good. The second inspiration is to challenge readers to think seriously about enormously important issues (within the context of an exciting sci fi/fantasy mystery). I think many folks in the modern world have lost their way. It is my personal belief that good and evil really do exist and that there are transcendent forces at work in our unbelievably complex universe. I also believe that certain animals will be intellectually augmented in the future and that it is possible that self-aware and autonomous artificial intelligence will be developed. Exploring the ethical and practical implications of these issues, without getting preachy, while keeping an exciting story moving along, is a project.

This book is filled with intriguing characters. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Well, the point of the blind hero is hopefully self-evident. Beyond that, since intellectually augmented animals are in our future, I am fascinated as to what they would be like. As a retired forensic psychologist with a specialty in neuropsychology, I thought it would be possible to imagine what it would be like for a dog, a porpoise, and a chimp to receive such augmentation. I believe that my characterizations of the augmented animals in my stories provides a credible description of their cognition, personality styles and relationships with human beings. And then there is the question: what on earth might a truly self-aware and autonomous AI be like? With that, much fun did I have though it could not avoid getting a little scary.

What scene in the book did you have the most fun writing?

With regard to “Interstellar sex wars and the blind detective” I most enjoyed the scene where the octopoids sing ‘amazing grace’ to their astounded human counterparts. In my second book, “Demons, the great white north and the blind detective,” my favorite scene was the debate in the cave concerning the existence of the soul between the humans, the intellectually augmented animals, the AI and, of course, the demon from hell. That debate includes info from Plato, Jung, parapsychic research and research on dreaming. It was a chore to write it while keeping the story moving, and all but one of ten reviewers thought it worked. You cannot please everyone.

Do you plan on writing more books in this universe?

I must write more books from this universe. It is far too much fun to stop now.

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In this futuristic adventure, Shawn Adair Johnston describes the struggle for equal rights of males on Octopodia, the preparation on Earth for an extraterrestrial invasion and the plan of the “Awakened” to bring about galactic serenity and beauty, no matter who gets hurt.

Renowned blind, private investigator Peter Straw, of the “Third Eye Detective Agency,” assisted by his intellectually augmented guide dog, Watson, is initially retained by a victim of child abuse to aid her in the civil trial of her wealthy and powerful stepfather. In the midst of this investigation, because of a unique friendship between Watson and the first self-aware and autonomous AI to originate on Earth, Straw and his canine companion find themselves drawn into an interstellar intrigue in which the motives of two different alien actors are unclear and the fate of sentient biological life may hang in the balance.

Exotic locations, plots within plots and an unforgettable cast of human, intellectually-augmented nonhuman and inhuman characters provides the reader with a good old-fashioned mystery story on a believable future Earth. Recognizing that human history is characterized as much by the fantastic as the tragic, the reader is treated to a non-dystopian story full of surprises, dry humor and a thoughtful consideration of current and future moral dilemmas. Prepare for a story that will be as emotionally satisfying as it is thought-provoking.

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