A Combination of Folklore

David A. Combs Author Interview

Ascension follows a teenage girl from a small town who discovers her destiny is to become a guardian with powerful magic and fight an evil demon. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?  

The story actually began with Anne-Marie.  She started as a character in a video game my family plays, and with time, her role became that of the “witch in the woods”.  I imagined her as an ageless guardian who watched over the generations of her family, always close by, but keeping her distance all the same.  In developing the story, I wanted the secondary Main character, Angelica, to be far enough along the family tree that when Anne-Marie revealed that she was Angelica’s 10th great grandmother, the significance of the relationship would stand out stronger.  Shade, the Father of Nightmares, grew out of a combination of folklore.  I knew his title first, so I wanted a villain who embodied different scary things.  A touch of Little Red Riding Hood, werewolves, zombies for the decay of his muzzle, and the patient confidence that his evil schemes would outlive the foolish mortals who might oppose him.  He never anticipated Anne-Marie’s vow upon her own Ascension to the mantle of Guardian to grant her near immortality and tie her life force so strongly to his own.

Angelica and Anne-Marie are strong, intelligent, and powerful witches. What was your inspiration for the characters and their relationship?  

The story was always going to be about love of family and the duty to protect those dearest to us.  I have two children of my own, and I think a lot of Anne-Marie’s devotion came from the relationships I have with my kids.  Angelica’s wit and boldness certainly comes from the day to day antics of my teenagers and their friends.  

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I find that I often write about the idea of an unsung hero protecting the innocent from the dangers that they may not even know exist.  Anne-Marie begins her journey simply trying to take care of her own family, but finds herself thrown into a much larger fight.  There are moments where she thinks of turning her back on the responsibility she has assumed, but knows that if she doesn’t make the stand, then not just her loved ones, but the entire world could fall to Shade’s threat.  

When will book 2 be available? Can you give us an idea of where that book will take readers?  Guardian, Book 2 of the series is available now.  In 1671, Anne-Marie must flee from Shade’s enclosing grasp.  As the demon’s power grows, and new enemies arise, lashing out not just at the young woman, but at those she holds dear.  In present day, Angelica slowly recovers from her battle with Aiden Carmichael, but her impetuous actions have caused the veil between the realms to tatter, and she soon discovers her most beloved sanctuary has become the Father of Nightmare’s hunting ground. 

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Angelica Brighton is a typical 21st Century High School senior – a diligent student, a track star, and surrounded by good friends. Life on her family’s farm is tranquil, happy, and prosperous. The arrival of a mysterious letter turns her world upside down, unveiling a destiny that leads her into the ancient heart of the nearby forest and face to face with the local urban legend of her sleepy New England town.

Anne-Marie Carmichael is a compassionate and hard working wife and mother from the late 17th century. Determined to save her family’s struggling farm from financial ruin, she enters into a hasty bargain that unwittingly turns her into a soldier in a war that has lasted for millennia. Imbued with the primordial magic that extends her life and grants earth shattering power, the fiery natured farmwife must recruit the children of her family for generations to come to stand against the demonic Shade, Father of Nightmares.

As the barriers between our world and the Realm of the Demonkin falter, Anne-Marie must awaken in Angelica the might that lies dormant in the Blood of the Firstborn and shape her into the weapon that fate has called for her to become. For only the Witches of Pioneer Vale can hope to win the battle that threatens to destroy not just the pastoral community that Angelica has known her whole life, but existence itself.

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