Rivalry. Redemption. And Second Chances

Alexis Soleil Author Interview

IRATE: A Rocker’s Raging Romance follows a heavy metal musician who suffered an abusive childhood try to heal and find real love. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

The setup of Irate is where the reader will meet this emotionally damaged young child who listens to the most insane music that inspired him to go into music instead of screwing up his life by going to jail or ending up dead. He had his favorite bands, learned to play bass guitar, and sang with aggression.  

Ramiro suffers from his father’s abuse and has to unlearn the toxic behaviors as an adult to find his happiness. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Ramiro wanted Noelle to be the perfect girlfriend and expected her to marry him. He criticized everything she did and loved from her clothes to her music, but he didn’t dare say a word about her sing. He knew she had talent and could become a big star than him.  Ramiro knew he had issues and had to resolve them by seeking counseling. He hated his father so much to the point of therapy.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The themes I explored in Irate were an interracial romance/ different musical lifestyles between Ramiro and Noelle. Ramiro’s dark side and Noelle’s light side. The father and son rivalry. Redemption. And second chances.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m working on a family drama which is a sibling rivalry between two brothers. So, this story is a dark family drama. I write things that are dramatic whether it be a love story or family situation or anything.

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A hot-headed thrash Metal bassist struggles with his abusive family history that affects his future with his House Songstress fiance. World-renowned Ramiro Espinoza, the bassist/vocalist of the Heavy Metal band “IRATE” seemed to have it all on stage. But backstage, Ramiro’s life was far from perfect. He was raised in a household, where his father constantly threw bible verses in his face. On top of that, he, his mother, and sister endured lots of physical and emotional abuse. Music was an outlet for Ramiro, where he learned to play the bass guitar and later found his voice to sing. He sung lyrics about his bad relationship with his father and other issues in the world that vexed along with fast, aggressive tunes. Ramiro and two other bandmates formed a trio that captivated listeners in the millions. His girlfriend Noelle, an African-American House/Techno Songstress gave up her career performing in small venues in New York to tour with Ramiro around the world. During the band’s tour, he constantly put her style of music down, belittled her in front of everyone, and even got physical. Without hesitation, she left Ramiro right in the middle of his tour. Ramiro knew he was in the wrong and couldn’t fight his demons alone. His manager arranged for a counselor to tour with this Metal god and held sessions between shows. Ramiro needed to make things right, so that Noelle would walk down the aisle. But the man who made Ramiro’s life a living hell, resurfaced to annihilate whatever happiness he had. Now, Ramiro must confront the demon who is his father in human form.

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