The Scam Series

Scam at Old River
After a night out celebrating the conclusion of a successful assignment, computer forensic expert Jack Rhodes, wakes up with a beautiful woman in his bed, an almighty hangover, and someone is pounding on his door. He answers, and the large stranger asks for the woman by name. The stranger goes on the attack. Jack thinks he’s in the middle of a relationship drama.
Drawing on his martial arts training, Jack subdues the assailant. He calls the police, but not before learning the woman has hidden incriminating files from a dangerous man. When the police arrive, the woman has disappeared.
Through his connections on the force, Jack volunteers to go undercover and discover the truth. It becomes a dark and menacing path into the hidden underbelly of San Francisco’s business and criminal element where murder, exploitation, fraud, and betrayal are a way of life. He needs to make the connections, get the proof he needs and find the woman fast. But to do so means facing his demons, a darkness within, and a past he cannot escape.

Scam at Five Mile Road
Jack Rhodes’ latest assignment seems straightforward. Investigate Link Industries’ Plymouth factory in Michigan, locate the company’s missing money, track for possible theft, and investigate the deaths of three men. The company’s current management says there’s a possible systems glitch, no stock is missing, and the deaths are tragic accidents, nothing more. But the company owner and Jack’s sometimes lover, Stella West, disagrees.
Once he arrives at the facility, it’s clear not everyone is happy about his arrival. After a string of near misses, it is evident that someone wants him out of the picture and is not afraid to get their hands dirty.
As Jack closes in on the culprit, he inadvertently places everyone he comes in contact with in danger. If he doesn’t get results fast, there’ll be more to lose than the factory and the people he cares for. This time, there won’t be any escape from the darkness within.

Scam at Mount Diablo
Computer forensic expert, Jack Rhodes, doesn’t go looking for trouble … but it always seems to find him! Even on the first visit to his latest assignment, investigating a straightforward case checking warehouse management software, it’s clear that someone wants to scare him off. Throw into the mix a dangerous connection to one of San Francisco’s most notorious crime families, an ex-director of Mossad, and an illegal trading platform, and it’s not long before Jack finds himself fighting for his life in a 3am attack on his uncle’s Mt. Diablo ranch, from a group of highly trained international mercenaries.
Adding to the drama, there’s a serial killer heading towards San Francisco, and his sometimes-lover, Stella West, is a perfect fit for the victim profile.
Unassuming and always underestimated, Jack has to rely on his extensive MMA fighting skills, his next-level data analysis, and sharp, logical mind, to protect the innocent. But what if his data is incomplete? Who can he trust, and who will be the next victim?

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