The Butterfly’s Cocoon

Thornton Park, set on a vast estate shrouded in mystery and hidden secrets, provides an ideal backdrop for a conference on immortality. Intended to highlight cultural similarities and differences in beliefs, the conference takes an unexpected turn even before it begins. Alexandra and her family soon find themselves entangled in a paranormal quest to uncover the secrets of eternal life. To add complications to the quest, people are being murdered. As the family’s detective, Alexandra is determined to unravel the mystery and apprehend the culprit. While uncovering clues, she finds herself discovering dark tales and myths that could place her unborn child and herself at risk. Are they unfounded, or are Alexandra and her baby in danger?

Amidst the unfolding enigma, romance blossoms as Edith falls for the enigmatic James. Author Ellen Read masterfully crafts an engaging narrative that effortlessly blends critical plot points with an immersive scene setting. Readers are transported to Thornton Park, as if joining Alexandra and the conference speakers in their pursuit of eternal life’s elusive secret. The novel boasts a diverse cast of characters, each with a unique story to share. While keeping track of each conference attendee’s origins may prove challenging, their individual theories and backgrounds enrich the overall narrative. Readers will be drawn into each character’s backstory and get to know them, seeing how they fit into the story’s overall plot. Ellen’s skillful storytelling breathes life into the world of the Thornton Mysteries, leaving readers eagerly anticipating future installments.

The Butterfly’s Cocoon is a captivating read that combines mystery, romance, and a touch of the paranormal. The author’s deft handling of the plot and setting creates an immersive experience that transports readers back in time. With its intriguing cast of characters and thought-provoking themes, this novel is a must-read for fans of the Thornton Mysteries series.

Pages: 322 | ASIN : B0BV3CNBNC

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