Susie & Johnny Grilled Cheese Take An Out of this World Adventure

Susie and Johnny are headed off on another exciting adventure, this time into space! They get their own unique space suites and a super fast rocket. This allows them to travel to a space restaurant on Mars, then head out to explore the planet before zipping off to Pluto. Together they learn fascinating facts about the planets they visit, make unforgettable memories together, and make new friends.

Susie & Johnny Grilled Cheese Take An Out of this World Adventure is a fun-filled adventure story for young readers in preschool through early elementary grade levels. Author Erin Jones truly captures the magic and wonder children feel and appeal to their interests, especially with food. I laughed as Susie and Johnny talked about their food and could easily imagine young children having this conversation and relating to the characters.

While mixing fiction and facts, children will learn about the planets of Mars and Pluto in this picture book. The artwork by Baginda Adriansyah brings the story to life. The full-color pages and adorable aliens make this book a pleasure to read. Children will learn not just about the planets but about the importance of imagination and creative thinking. Did Susie and Johnny dream the adventure, or did they really travel into space together?

Susie & Johnny Grilled Cheese Take An Out of this World Adventure is a magical picture book that takes young readers on an adventure in space and teaches them fun facts about Mars and Pluto. This book is part of a thrilling series that shows children the value of imagination and exploration, encouraging their curiosity about the world around them. I can not wait for the next installment in the Susie and Johnny Grilled Cheese adventure series.

Pages: 38 | ASIN : B0BW6MJ24N

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