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Susie & Johnny Grilled Cheese Take An Out of this World Adventure

Susie and Johnny are headed off on another exciting adventure, this time into space! They get their own unique space suites and a super fast rocket. This allows them to travel to a space restaurant on Mars, then head out to explore the planet before zipping off to Pluto. Together they learn fascinating facts about the planets they visit, make unforgettable memories together, and make new friends.

Susie & Johnny Grilled Cheese Take An Out of this World Adventure is a fun-filled adventure story for young readers in preschool through early elementary grade levels. Author Erin Jones truly captures the magic and wonder children feel and appeal to their interests, especially with food. I laughed as Susie and Johnny talked about their food and could easily imagine young children having this conversation and relating to the characters.

While mixing fiction and facts, children will learn about the planets of Mars and Pluto in this picture book. The artwork by Baginda Adriansyah brings the story to life. The full-color pages and adorable aliens make this book a pleasure to read. Children will learn not just about the planets but about the importance of imagination and creative thinking. Did Susie and Johnny dream the adventure, or did they really travel into space together?

Susie & Johnny Grilled Cheese Take An Out of this World Adventure is a magical picture book that takes young readers on an adventure in space and teaches them fun facts about Mars and Pluto. This book is part of a thrilling series that shows children the value of imagination and exploration, encouraging their curiosity about the world around them. I can not wait for the next installment in the Susie and Johnny Grilled Cheese adventure series.

Pages: 38 | ASIN : B0BW6MJ24N

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Book of Leprechauns

Leprechauns are not only magical beings, as people often believe. In fact, they are beings who gather knowledge. For them, art reflects the essence of things, which is why they are guardians of stories. Furthermore, they have had to learn to protect everything they consider valuable, which is why they are cunning and resourceful. However, their life is not so simple because they have serious responsibilities to fulfill. Book of Leprechauns: The Lore Gatherers follows Molly, a young leprechaun who has lost the gold she was entrusted with. Alongside her father, Shaun, and her friend Dorker, they embark on a thrilling journey to ancient Rome and the realm of Caesar. Through this adventure, Molly learns more about her family, the responsibilities of being a lore gatherer, and the true magic that lies within her.

Author Jonathan Uffelman demonstrates exceptional attention to detail, crafting charismatic and engaging characters. Molly is a relatable protagonist who strives to excel while her father, Shaun, grapples with striking the right balance between guidance and independence. I loved reading about Molly’s relationship with her father and found it heartwarming. The vivid descriptions of the settings, particularly ancient Rome, are enriched with historical details, immersing the reader in the adventure. The narrative is further enhanced by including short tales discovered throughout the journey. The detailed descriptions and footnotes throughout the story add remarkable depth and richness to the narrative. The creative footnotes provide an authentic touch, effortlessly immersing the reader in the enchanting world of leprechauns.

Book of Leprechauns: The Lore Gatherers is an entertaining, thrilling, and unique middle-grade fantasy story. This novel is filled with adventure, exciting myths, and folk tales. This is a must-read for fans of sword and sorcery stories.

Pages: 320 | ASIN : B0BLY73KV8

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Bellerophon and Pegasus

Bellerophon and Pegasus follow the Greek mythological story of Bellerophon, who had the rare gift of connecting with and healing horses, seeks help from Pegasus in a time of need. As the word of her talents spread across the land, she is asked to join the battle against the mythical beast plaguing the people, bringing destruction and death in his path. As a talented healer, she finds herself conflicted about how to help defeat it, and meeting what she perceives as a homeless man, she confides in him her struggles. The man, a light sorcerer, instructs her to sleep outside of Athenas to ask for help to bridle Pegasus to help defeat the beast “Chimera.”

Author Kim Slamka’s writing stands out amongst many other Greek Mythology stories I have read. The author has clearly done her research, and it shines through her flawless storytelling. The character development is one to commend as Bellerophon is a person that many can look up to as she is strong but also noble. I also enjoyed reading a story that contains a strong yet kind female protagonist. This is the significant difference in the retelling from the Greek tale of Bellerophon.

The book contains beautiful illustrations of the scenes taking place, and I was immediately captivated as they tell a story all on their own. The artwork looks like a painting and really gives readers an immersive experience when reading this awe-inspiring work. Even though this is a short read, this is one book you can read over and over while enjoying the marvelous art.

Bellerophon and Pegasus is a captivating read with a twist on Greek mythology. I highly recommend this beautifully written story to those who are looking to escape a few hours of their day to a mythical world. This would make a great introduction to Greek mythology for teachers as well.

Pages: 60 | ASIN : B09KYDQDQV

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