Remain Grateful

Author Interview
Peterson Francois Author Interview

Inspirations: My Vivid Imagination Has Been Transformed into Reality seems like a very personal story for you.

How much research did you undertake for this book, and how much time did it take to put it all together?

I conducted extensive research for this book. I had to make sure all the information I was going to share with my readers in the book was accurate and precise. The book really took me several months before all chapters could be classified accordingly. Identifying which types of quotes I had to include in a specific chapter was very challenging. I was so fortunate to find incredible assistance from my dad, Audieu Francois, my sister, Jessica Rebecca, and my wonderful friends, Thomas Duguaran and Jordany Jean. 

What is one thing about achieving life balance that you think is misrepresented in other self-help books?

There are many authors who guaranteed their readers they could teach them how to become financially stable by applying the financial information they have shared with them in their books. Unfortunately, they had never helped those readers know how they could acquire strong financial literacy and achieve financial success.

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

One piece of advice someone gave me that changed my life was to be grateful. I believe those who embrace gratefulness will always be excelling in life. There is hope for those who remain grateful in this world. Ungrateful people never go higher because no one would like to give a helping hand to individuals who have forgotten the people who were there for them during their hard times. 

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Inspirations: My Vivid Imagination Has Been Transformed into Reality focuses on human interests and finding the balance that can change your life forever. Author Peterson Francois has compiled inspiring quotes and information that can instill confidence in anyone who is working hard for success. Information is power, and this handbook is designed to provide enough power to handle any situation you might encounter.

A collection of quotes that offer valuable lessons Francois has learned from his experiences in America, Inspirations is arranged by topic. From “Sticking to Your Principles” to “Flexibility and Change Are Necessary for Growth,” his goal is to see all people around the world live as happy and productive individuals.

Francois has provided a great deal of stirring, useful information designed to enable to everyone to make better lives for themselves and to better position themselves for success in today’s society. His ultimate goal is to help people gain knowledge, achieve their goals, resolve their problems, and enable their success in today’s fast-paced world.

Inspirations: My Vivid Imagination Has Been Transformed into Reality fulfills Francois’s vision of enabling everyone to make their future success a reality.

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