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Rooted HEIR

Rooted HEIR by Christina Somera is a memoir focusing on the traumas and events of Christina’s life and her path to understanding and healing from them. Starting on her childhood and the abuse she experienced that later put a wrench in her relationship with her mother and children, Christina acknowledges the unresolved feelings she’s been burying over the years. Yet, sharing her thoughts and feelings about each chapter of her life continues to bring her closer to the woman she wants to be.

Scared of becoming her mother and her family falling apart, Christina does everything she can to keep her family together but, in the process, grows distant from her kids, struggling to form the relationship she lacked growing up. Constantly seeking validation and love from men, Christina repeatedly tries to fill a hole she’s had since childhood. Rather than taking the time to love herself, she does everything she can to get the men in her life to love her or find new men to love her. All of these struggles Christina goes through are part of the journey she shared in this inspirational book.

From the first page to the last, this book wrapped itself around my heart. It was absolutely inspirational. Christina’s story is a heavy one; after all that she has been through, the steps she took to heal are genuinely unique. I loved this book so much; I don’t often give a 5/5, but Rooted HEIR deserves it. As Christina shares the events of her life and the trials she overcame, she inspires others to heal. I love that there are so many lessons we can take away from this book, the most important to me being that you can’t give something you don’t have for yourself. You can’t properly love or be loved until you love yourself first. Forgiveness and healing are a journey; neither can be rushed, and neither should be put on hold.

Christina’s book is not only well written, but it is empowering and inspirational. Yes, her story is an emotional rollercoaster, but her words prove the steps she took to overcome her past and show her strength. This book is eye-opening because you never know what people are going through, even if they’re smiling. This book definitely has sensitive topics: physical abuse, emotional abuse, rape, and suicide. However, they are all raw truths about Christina’s life that took a lot of strength for her to reminisce and process, reflecting on her strength and courage and inspiring others to keep going.

Rooted HEIR is an intensely emotional memoir about survival and learning to thrive after abuse and trauma. Christina’s story is as inspirational as it is heartbreaking. Through all the trauma, she has found who she really is and is learning to thrive and sharing this message with others so they too can break free from their shells and be who they are meant to be.

Pages: 155 | ASIN : B0BGCS3NHR

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Going Dry

Going Dry: My Path to Overcoming Habitual Drinking by Sean Robinson is a personal development book that anyone struggling with drinking in their lives will find great use of. Although Sean Robinson primarily detailed his experience staying committed to his new goal to stay away from drinking and resisting the pull of a generational drinking habit, the lessons and challenge protocol gleaned from his struggles can be applied to any area where one experiences difficulty rising above a limitation.

This 12-chapter book leads with a chapter on the legendary new year’s resolution, where everyone promises to lead a better life and improve their undesirable habits. However, this book soon spiraled into the narration of how he navigated his relationship with friends and family, many of whom he had a culture of drinking with and could not come to terms with his new resolve to quit drinking.

One particular thing that Sean Robinson pointed out was that he didn’t necessarily need to have had a traumatic or life-changing experience to know he had to confront his relationship with alcohol. In expressing this vulnerability, he was able to start on his path to going dry.

“The expectation and disappointment in his voice would pierce me and my anxiety about it harder than it should have.”

The peer pressure and the anxiety of having to explain to old friends and acquaintances why you would not want to join in that bottle clink are firmly captured in this sentence excerpt. It was shortly after Mr. Robinson told his friend about his stand on drinking in anticipation of the friend’s wedding.

In perhaps what seems to be the biggest challenge to his new goal, Mr. Robinson offered tips on how to set boundaries with friends who do not understand one’s need to not drink alcohol. However, many would have benefited from his insights if he had delved deeper into how he coped with all that pressure.

Regardless, this book has practical challenges that can help you stay accountable to your goals while navigating the emotions that can sometimes overwhelm you when you suffer a temporary lapse in your journey.

Going Dry: My Path to Overcoming Habitual Drinking is a heartfelt memoir that shares the difficult journey of making changes in one’s life. The honest and direct narrative will help those struggling with addiction to feel they are not alone in their battles. So often, we hear about people hitting rock bottom before making life changes; Sean Robinson shares his story, so others know they don’t have to hit bottom before they can make a positive change in their own lives.

Pages: 122 | ASIN : B0BCQRFK3X

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Dying for a Drink

Dying For a Drink can be described as a recovery memoir, in which author, Amelia Baker, writes the authentic and very raw account of her fall into alcoholism and prescription drug addiction and her incredibly turbulent recovery journey. Due to the subject matter, this book touches on some challenging topics, including abuse, family turmoil, rehab, suicide, and many more.

Baker unravels her story part by part and exposes the true extent of how life-destroying her addictions were. It becomes evident that her choice of title was not simply a cute usage of a prevalent saying- it was intended literally. It was heartbreaking to read about what Baker went through, and by the end, it felt incredibly uplifting to see what the human spirit can overcome after hitting rock bottom so many times. In the book, Baker goes into depth about all the various support systems she used to overcome her disease, highlighting the importance of her attending AA meetings, as well as the constant support of her friends and family, as well as her faith.

I picked up Baker’s book and was hit immediately by how heavy it was. Of course, this is not an easy topic to write about, nor easy to read, but I think Baker handles the subject beautifully. Through the memoir, she uses a simplistic, matter-of-fact narration style. In parts, it can be incredibly jarring to read about events so traumatic and heartbreaking through a narrative voice void of any emotion. In the book’s foreword, Baker explains that she uses this style simply to cut out the nonsense and anything that would cloud what the book actually is- an admission of truth. While I did struggle with the style at times, I think it made it easier for me to understand Baker’s struggles more. While I don’t think I could ever fully understand the true horror of what she went through, it allowed me to become connected to her fight more. Due to this, I became engrossed in her story incredibly fast.

While I congratulate Baker wholeheartedly for sharing her experience so powerfully, I felt so much frustration reading this book as her recovery was such a rollercoaster. Of course, this is not a criticism of Baker or her writing style whatsoever and is a natural reality of recovery. Just at points in the novel, I found it really hard to continue reading it as it just felt like it would never get better, and the thought of a novel as awful as this one not having a happy ending was really distressing. But perhaps those feelings are probably what Baker wished to illustrate with the novel, that feeling of helplessness that one can never fully recover. If that was her intention, it was done masterfully as I felt that so profoundly while reading it.

Due to the sheer power and depth of the novel’s topics and the narration style that paired perfectly with it, I feel it would be wrong to say I enjoyed a book on such an awful subject matter. Still, I enjoyed seeing Baker manage to overcome her struggles. It was really touching overall.

Dying For a Drink is a powerful memoir about addiction and recovery. A no-nonsense self-help book that is written in direct and plain terminology to bring to light the ups and downs of recovery from addiction, and how it is a lifelong battle.

Pages: 158 | ASIN : B07DYKPQ52

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