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Angels Are Real

Author Interview
Win Tuck-Gleason Author Interview

Angels, of Course tells the story of being visited by angels and how they have impacted your life. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I felt strongly compelled to share these experiences with people, and could not relax until I had it published.

I appreciated the candid nature with which you told your story. What was the hardest thing for you to write about?

The hardest thing to write about was making the angels believable. That is why I went into such details. I had to take art lessons to paint the illustrations.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about angels?

I believe people think angles only came to earth during biblical times.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your story?

If angels are real then so is heaven. So is God. And so is Jesus Christ.

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When Win Tuck-Gleason was growing up, she thought everyone could see angels. People just didn’t talk about them; they still don’t. She just accepted the angels’ presence, and she kept silent. It was as if she wasn’t given permission to talk about them. Now she has permission.
In Angels, Of Course, she offers a collection of stories and paintings that share her varied experiences with heavenly angels. It chronicles twenty visits by angels beginning with her childhood and continuing to the present day. Tuck-Gleason isn’t sure why she’s been blessed with angelic encounters, but she communicates that their presence is comforting to her, they give her confidence, and they deliver a positive atmosphere when they’re around.
Angels, Of Course describes the different shapes and sizes of angels and the circumstances in which they visited. Tuck-Gleason tells how they fill her life with love, guidance, and protection, just when she needs it.

Angels, of Course

Angels, of Course, is an inspirational book where author Win Tuck-Gleason provides a compelling account of several moments in her life, ranging from her early childhood to adulthood in the 1990s. First, she had encounters with ethereal creatures she recognized to be angels. Her first such experience was when she was surprised by mysterious music while her toddler self lays in her cradle. Then, there was an episode when an angel observed her playing the piano through a window in her house. Finally, she talks about the long road trip during which the angels kept her safe. This encounter is retold over several chapters and includes illustrative paintings made by Tuck-Gleason herself.

The author is a compelling storyteller, making the reading fluid and effortless. The chapters are short and not dependent on each other. This makes it perfect for the reader who wishes to pick up a book and read a chapter at a time. Readers looking for a religious outlook when dealing with hardship can receive some comfort from someone who has been in dark places but has always found help in her angel visitors.

Another aspect that deserves attention is the personal touch given by the author as she describes different classes of angels that she has witnessed and the fun names and situations related to them. The author has really opened herself up in this book, allowing readers into her personal thoughts and seeing the world as she does.

This thought-provoking book addresses the concept of angels from a Catholic doctrine. However, readers of other faiths can still take away the feeling of hope, comfort, and being watched over. These stories are entertaining and encourage self-reflection in the readers.

Angels, of Course, is Win Tuck-Gleason’s memoir, detailing her encounters with angels. This compelling collection of encounters gives readers a lot to think about and may open their minds to things that they can not see.

Pages: 74 | ASIN : B08BRCD872

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