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Author Interview
Victoria Carisimo Author Interview

At the Chameleon, Turn follows a Hollywood superstar to a small Australian town where he meets a woman that changes his life. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

Adelaide is a small city in comparison to many, however it is the capital of the state of South Australia; it is also where I live and have lived for the past 46 years. My family moved here when I was 14 from rural Victoria, another Australian state. I chose to set up the story in Adelaide, firstly because I know Adelaide, and because I love it, and I hoped my readers would become curious about it and perhaps want to visit Adelaide someday, or at least become interested enough to look it up online. It seemed the perfect place to begin Ethan’s journey, as Adelaide is contrary to the huge bustling metropolises his character is accustomed to, too. Drawn to Adelaide via a strange dream, the quaint city, known for its many churches, begins as somewhat of a mystery to him, which Ariel, the woman he subsequently meets during his short stay in Adelaide, adds to, as like the city, she is contrary to the women he — due to his success and status — has become familiar with, and have in turn become the norm for him.

Ethan is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind his character’s development?

I wanted Ethan to depict the part of ourselves most of us struggle with — knowing our true self — and what better character than an “actor” to do this. On a relative scale we each play many roles in our lives, which can be confusing as well as challenging and confronting. I wanted my readers to be able to relate to Ethan on that basic level: the human level. Yes he is a superstar, but he still struggles with that very human side of himself: That voice of doubt the majority of us are daily afflicted with. He is flawed, and the perfection others see in him is something he finds difficult to accept, making him mistrustful of most. The ideals that drove the development of his character were simply: life at a raw, honest level.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Some of the themes I explored were: the importance of trust, the essentialness of truth and honesty, especially with one self… the value of listening — as in to hear what the other is saying, and not simply listen in order to respond; the natural benefits of family… the forgotten connection/unity of us all, the very real need for forgiveness… the idea that fame and success by the world’s standards does not necessarily bring one happiness… And the healing influence of love of course. Without love, would any of us even be here?

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

As a wife, mother, grandmother, carer of aged parents (unfortunately both deceased now) friend, author, and proprietor of a small family-run jewelry shop — just to mention a few of the roles I play — it took me 10 years to write “At the Chameleon, Turn” Therefore, I am taking a break from writing, as I’d poured every minute I could spare from my other daily roles into it. This is my first novel, and sheer determination
got me through to the end. That, and I fell in love with my characters and wanted to give them a voice. At this stage I do not have another book planned, but if I did, it would more than likely be a sequel.

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And so begins an unexpected new obsession…

Drawn via a bizarre and compelling dream to the small capital of South Australia, Ethan Farrell, Hollywood’s latest superstar, and exceedingly sought-after bachelor, encounters a young woman unlike any he has ever come across.

Why, although he tries, and knows it would simplify matters, can he not rid his mind of this child-like woman? What is this mystifying hold she seems to have on him? His minder, Scott, acquires his own answers, while Ethan’s sister, Lucy–duly obliged to reveal a long-kept secret, inherent to her–concludes she must journey far to unravel the unexplained: as her brother’s ensuing, and confounding refusal to provide any clarity, leaves everyone wanting.

Does Ethan learn to listen; will he allow himself to hear… see beyond his own deceiving thoughts? Or does his past keep him deaf and blind. And who or what is the Chameleon?

This story is about discovery; it touches on recognising, understanding, and facing the fears hidden within. It is about betrayal, loyalty, love, and remembering who we are. It speaks of valuing what many take for granted.

Written in an unconventional style, the author’s foremost wish is that her readers develop an intimate connection with her much loved characters; that they enjoy and feel at ease with the undemanding narrative, and that with a little introspection, they can relate to and draw on the deeper message she is endeavouring to convey.

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At the Chameleon, Turn

Ethan Farrell is feeling increasingly dissatisfied with his life of fame and the constant attention from fans and paparazzi. He struggles with the question of what his true identity is behind the movie star façade. During a trip to Adelaide, Australia, he attends a hospital charity event where he meets midwife, Ariel Lubian. She is unlike anyone he has ever known, and he finds himself unexpectedly drawn to her. He asks her to come with him to Los Angeles, but she has a job that she loves. To make matters worse, his movie co-star seems determined to fuel rumors of a romance with Ethan and cause problems between him and Ariel. Will he ever see Ariel again after he returns home?

This book is longer than most fiction romance stories, but despite the length it kept my interest throughout the whole story. I liked the characters of both Ethan and Ariel. Ethan’s inner struggles with his true identity beyond the image he portrayed to the world made him relatable to readers despite his star status. And Ariel was an admirable character who was able to see the good in everyone, even those who tried to drive a wedge between her and Ethan.

Some scenes at the beginning of the book were told from the point of view of minor secondary characters, like the young fan and the taxi driver, who did not appear later in the book. Yet in contrast, there were no scenes from Ariel’s point of view through almost the entire story before the one scene at the end of the book. Ariel’s profession seemed very important to her at the beginning of the story, yet not so much later on. Author Victoria Carisimo certainly knows how to get readers invested in her characters because I certainly feel passionately about their choices. I feel like I would have understood Ariel’s character better if we were shown more of her point of view.

At the Chameleon, Turn is an impassioned romance novel that explores loyalty, love and facing your fears in intriguing and dramatic ways that make this book hard to put down. This is a riveting love story and one romance readers will get lost in.

Pages: 620 | ISBN: 1922452335

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