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Backstage Guide to Real Estate

In Backstage Guide to Real Estate, author Matt Picheny discusses real estate, investments, financial freedom, and life hurdles, among other exciting topics. The author is insightful and discusses crucial in-depth subjects that involve money and living a good life. The author starts his book by writing about his journey as an accidental investor, his trial and error methods, and how he got rich through real estate.

I appreciate the author for his openness and being genuine with his readers. Matt Picheny writes that it took him time to amass wealth from real estate. His journey was not simple, but through determination, he made it.

This book gives you a step-by-step guide on what to do, the suitable investments to pick, the path to take, and your relationship with money. I found the author’s discussions on the relationship with money profound. Matt Picheny does not conceal his experiences; he writes about his highs and lows and even invites the reader to his world.

Readers that enjoy rags to riches stories will love this book. Matt Picheny shares life lessons and encourages anyone on a self-making journey not to give up hope. I like the language he uses in ‘this book. It is unassuming. He uses few words, but the message gets home. When talking about his personal experiences, the author knows what to filter and what will benefit the reader.

I like that Matt Picheny owns his mistakes with grace and is willing to admit that he was wrong and correct his ways. The author is articulate and lays down his points skillfully. The financial concepts in the book are applicable, and the author’s objectivity is admirable.

Backstage Guide to Real Estate is for all ambitious people in business. The financial gems in this book are plenty. Some of the significant takes from this book include; teamwork, making the dream work, building a community of trust, Learning to pivot i.e., being flexible with change, and When you are sinking, don’t let go of the boat.

Pages: 270 | ASIN : B09MGJ39TW

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