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It’s A Shared Experience

Author Interview
Seamus Corcoran Author Interview

Behind Blue Eyes follows Joe as he struggles against the odds to turn his life around after falling into addiction. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The inspiration came after a working involvement within the field of addiction and treatment, seeing and being a part of delivering different models of therapeutic community, which in Australia is quite varied across the sectors. I had a six month period living in the midlands of Ireland so I took the idea and the story just seemed to develop. There is often trauma behind addiction and a host of others issues so I in part wanted to try and show that in a spiritual sense it’s an individual journey that crosses boundaries of class and personality. It’s a shared experience.

Joe Marley is an interesting and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Well I have also worked in schools and had my own formative experiences of institutions and education in a time when abuses seemed to run freely so for Joe the links are there. He’s a smart fellow but some events in life ultimately are beyond us to think our way through. Again it came back to Joe’s relationships and the power to draw from a different mythology, if you like.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The themes I most wanted to explore were of course the whole recovery from tragic loss, betrayal and the power of emotions to set Joe on a destructive but ultimately redemptive course. Community and connection were another with I guess, the power of love and kindness to ultimately restore the balance with some kind of renewed vision for life. I also was quite struck by a comment from James Hilman, the rather famous psychologist who would often say that the ‘gods of Greece and Rome are alive and well and living on 42nd street BUT, the Mythologies of old are now the psychopathologies of today’.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m currently working on a novels – a part of this series, titled Mary’s Boys – The Immaculate Misconception. It’s a story about Joe’s childhood experiences as an Irish catholic immigrant growing up in Australia in the 1970’s. I expect it to be available for publishing in August 2022.

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Having lost everything he held dear, Joe Marley has a chance to recover his life. Come with Joe into the Janus Clinic where the mysterious world of trauma and addiction is revealed. From high flying lawyers to street dwellers Behind Blue Eyes explores what happens when the lives of people from all walks of life are brought together in their quest to find freedom and love!

Behind Blue Eyes

Behind Blue Eyes : A Tale of Joe's Addiction by [Seamus Corcoran]

Behind Blue Eyes by Seamus Paul Corcoran is a psychological fiction novel that takes readers through an authentic life journey filled with stories of healing and recovery. Joe Marley has a successful and prominent career, but the death of a son and the end of a marriage leave him feeling numb and empty. As many in his position do, he eventually falls into the arms of addiction, abusing alcohol and drugs. Due to the wrongs committed under the influence of addiction and rage, Joe ends up in court, accepting to go into rehabilitation to avoid jail. Hopeless, he arrives at the Janus Clinic where he struggle to turn his life around against all odds.

The description of the Janus Clinic is simply splendid: a health center with the true mission of helping and curing people, giving them love and tenderness. Through Joe’s eyes, we get to see the power and importance of meaningful human connections, which Joe gets to fully live, experience and appreciate after a few days at the clinic. Dr. Janus has a big heart and uses all his ability to provide a safe haven for those unfortunate souls that have forgotten how to live and have given up on life. This is a story of a man’s path through recovery, where the soul awakens and the heart starts to feel alive again. The story is centered around the Janus Clinic. The outsiders don’t seem to understand how it is possible that only one place seems to have the ability to cure the minds and hearts of so many people. The mystery though, is no secret, there are no magic words nor strange drugs involved. The Janus Clinic’s success is due to its wholehearted dedication to its patients, where love, attention, understanding and companionship are given priority, portraying a natural and healthy mindset for the medical approach to mental health.

The story is beautiful and meaningful, with characters that excellently present the intense emotions that come with life, making the reader feel a variety of sensations throughout the book. The intrigue also increases when unknown forces try to sabotage the fame and success of the clinic, introducing a mystery into the plot and letting the excitement grow. The story is highly entertaining and the reader almost gets to heal alongside Joe. The reading experience is a absorbing one that awakens the human spirit, and reminds us to reconcile with ourselves and with life itself. It’s very calming to read about Joe’s recovery path and readers will be able to relate to him.

A plus is Corcoran’s writing which is very beautiful and poetic, making the story even more enthralling and captivating. There’s pain and hurt in the story, but there’s also love, hope and healing, mixing all the human emotions into a wonderful experience. Behind Blue Eyes is an impassioned novel that brilliantly portrays the real path to recovery and the path to life, with a beautiful narration style that’s soothing and reminds us of what truly matters.

Pages: 295 | ASIN: B098KBHVXS

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