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Mrs. Wiggles and the Numbers

When a sweet old teacher stands in her schoolhouse, she realizes she is all alone; her students have long since grown up. There was a breeze of magic that flowed through her schoolhouse, and all the numbers suddenly came to life around her. She once more had a class to teach!

All the numbers one to nine dance around and introduce themselves. When zero comes out, he is worried that no one wants him around, but Mrs. Wiggles and the rest of the numbers all show zero just how valuable and needed he is in the number world.

Mrs. Wiggles and the Numbers: Counting Book for Children, Math Read Aloud Picture Book is a whimsical and entertaining children’s book that will delight preschoolers through early elementary level kids. The lyrical prose in the story is told in makes it fun to read out loud, and the illustrations will keep everyone giggling. Each page has its number represented with items; for example, number two has two rubber duckies floating in the sink. Children will have fun searching each page to find the item that represents the number on the page.

Aside from teaching children about counting and numbers, this picture book has a wonderful lesson about how everyone has value and is important. There is a strong message of friendship and helping each other on these pages.

Mrs. Wiggles and the Numbers is a well-written and illustrated picture book for children ages baby to seven years old. It would make a wonderful addition to a classroom or home library.

Pages: 34 | ASIN : B0BRHNLL69

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Marvin the Math Cat & the Mysterious Patio Garden

There is a quest waiting on Marvin and his best friend Dusty. It’s a mission unlike any the two cats could have ever pictured even in the wildest of their daydreams. When their math homework becomes more than the two can handle, they begin to notice math in the world around them. Determined to sit down and make a real go of it with the tough geometry assignment, Marvin soon finds himself lost in another world, and that world happens to be his math textbook!

Marvin the Math Cat and the Mysterious Patio Garden, by H & N Blackburn, is the mathematically-centered fantasy story of Marvin the Math Cat and his best friend Dusty. These two adorable characters have been tasked with math homework they would prefer to ignore. When their entire world turns upside down, the two friends find themselves solving riddles and following clues in order to complete a task which is actually the math the two have tried so hard to avoid.

The authors have done a truly amazing job of breaking down a math equation into a real life situation for their characters to solve. The immense amount of energy the main characters put into the quest is a great example for readers and drives home the usefulness and importance of a solid foundation in mathematics.

Included at the end of Marvin’s tale is an opportunity for readers to solve an equation of their own. Along with this incredibly detailed and in-depth problem is a list of math terms as well as illustrations to guide readers.

Marvin the Math Cat and the Mysterious Patio Garden, by H & N Blackburn, is a fantastic approach to building interest in math, especially geometry, the subject matter is appropriate for older students and the cast of characters likely appeals to a younger group of readers. The Blackburns’ work is thorough, well-written, and a great addition to a classroom library.

Pages: 41 | ASIN : B09SW7MNHW

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