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Mrs. Wiggles and the Numbers

When a sweet old teacher stands in her schoolhouse, she realizes she is all alone; her students have long since grown up. There was a breeze of magic that flowed through her schoolhouse, and all the numbers suddenly came to life around her. She once more had a class to teach!

All the numbers one to nine dance around and introduce themselves. When zero comes out, he is worried that no one wants him around, but Mrs. Wiggles and the rest of the numbers all show zero just how valuable and needed he is in the number world.

Mrs. Wiggles and the Numbers: Counting Book for Children, Math Read Aloud Picture Book is a whimsical and entertaining children’s book that will delight preschoolers through early elementary level kids. The lyrical prose in the story is told in makes it fun to read out loud, and the illustrations will keep everyone giggling. Each page has its number represented with items; for example, number two has two rubber duckies floating in the sink. Children will have fun searching each page to find the item that represents the number on the page.

Aside from teaching children about counting and numbers, this picture book has a wonderful lesson about how everyone has value and is important. There is a strong message of friendship and helping each other on these pages.

Mrs. Wiggles and the Numbers is a well-written and illustrated picture book for children ages baby to seven years old. It would make a wonderful addition to a classroom or home library.

Pages: 34 | ASIN : B0BRHNLL69

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Think Unique

Think Unique, written by Ortal Green, co-founder of the Glittering Minds, is a workbook-style book designed to help teachers and parents learn the process and benefits of project-based learning (PBL). The author not only explains the rationale behind PBL, but she also leads readers through a series of reflections and questions that build the skills needed to effectively implement the strategy. Green suggests that using the methods outlined in her book, teachers will empower students to think more creatively and critically. The book is designed for the elementary classroom, but the concepts apply to students of all levels. 

Think Unique is divided into four parts: “Understanding Creativity,” “Why You Need to Develop Your Creativity,” “All About PBL,” and “Practical Tools and Exercises to Develop Creative Thinking.” Each section builds upon the last, creating a step-by-step guide to the world of PBL. By the end of the book, you have a toolbox of authentic PBL activities you can use in your classroom.

The first two sections focus primarily on understanding your creative potential, even if you feel you have none. The last two sections focus on the strategies of PBL, focusing on the RIDER (Research, Incubate, Dream, Evaluate, Realize) method, and providing examples of how the RIDER method can be used in the classroom to facilitate higher thinking. By understanding that process, you will learn how to design each unit so that students are compelled to think beyond what’s right in front of them. 

As an innovator in the field of education, Green challenges teachers to turn the traditional teacher-centered classroom into a more modern student-centered classroom that will foster innovative thinking through project-based learning. With the tools and tips in this workbook, you can learn to tap into your students’ full potential by teaching them how to think creatively.

Pages: 262 | ASIN : 0645224103

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