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Crossed Stars

Crossed Stars by Rose Parker Johnson is an impassioned historical romance novel reminiscent of a Jane Austen tale. The novel follows Anna Adamos and Phillip Wesley, who fall in love, despite their adversaries and challenges. They come from successful families from neighboring countries with very different ideologies. Phillip’s homeland, Astiri Island, located in the country of Stardade, was devastated by civil war, while Anna’s country, Valtross, is heavily invested in Stardade due to the country’s natural resources.

Despite the couple’s opposite views on the world and politics, they work together to save Phillip’s family land while revealing the corruption within the Stardade government. The author provides readers with a compelling story filled with romance, mystery, and suspense that makes for a satisfying read. Starting from the first chapter, I found the pace exciting and enjoyable without a dull moment. It’s a great love story that’s classic and unique, presenting several obstacles for the couple, their families, and the complex political situation between their countries.

I found the characters authentic and interesting, facing many common struggles while looking for the best in each other and their world. I enjoyed the imagery of the story’s setting and the picturesque beauty of Astiri Island and Stardade. Author Parker Johnson clearly shows a love of nature and expertly immerses the reader in its beauty. Crossed Stars by Rose Parker Johnson is the perfect read for those who want to escape the moment and get lost in a passionate love story.

ASIN B0BSDTR4BC | Pages 179

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