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Seeking A Dream Of Unbounding Comfort

Rachel Bate Author Interview

Desert Bliss follows an abandoned calico kitten on a journey through the desert to find a better life. What was the inspiration for your story?

Many times, throughout my teaching career, I have worked with children who have had extremely hard lives and very difficult situations to handle. I was inspired to write this story by especially appealing to children who are struggling spiritually/emotionally/physically to persevere, have faith, follow their dreams, and most importantly, to believe in themselves. Also, I wanted to engage peers and adults to be kind and especially attentive of children or creatures needing special love.

What were the morals you were trying to capture while creating your characters?

Bliss, the white coyote in the story, represents a heavenly creature who inspires and gives tremendous love to a lonely little kitten, Calico. Calico is a character who has an extremely hard life, seeking a dream of unbounding comfort, by his brave spirit, on a dangerous journey of the unknown. He perseveres on his mission with the compassionate guidance of his new spiritual friend Bliss. The moral I was trying to capture throughout the story is to always believe in your inner strength, have faith, confidence, and seek positive influences in your life. In the end, by having faith, your goal(s) can be accomplished.

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

At times, taking a risk to achieve a dream, will be the perfect choice for inward success.

Sometimes, one person may have the incredible ability to make such a difference in someone’s life by simply exhibiting kindness, listening, and showing unconditional love. In otherwards, “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one come to you without leaving happier.” St. Teresa

What story are you currently in the middle of writing?

I am in the middle of writing a story creating memorable critter characters of the New Mexico region. I really enjoy hiking and getting ideas/themes/characters/plot(s)/etc. by observing nature in the solitude of the outdoors. The beautiful blue sky, desert, and mountain landscapes inspire my soul and mind.

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Meet a calico kitten who decides to go on a very dangerous journey. Suddenly, a mysterious white coyote appears in the middle of the New Mexican desert… what could he want?

Desert Bliss

Calico, a kitten, has been abandoned with his siblings in the desert. Calico knows there is a better life out there. Afraid of the unknown, he embarks on a journey through the desert with the help of a white coyote. Is the coyote really there to help Calico or does he have other motives?

Desert Bliss is a beautifully illustrated story that teaches young readers to listen to their inner voice. Calico doesn’t let his fear of the unknown stop him from finding his happiness. This is the perfect lesson for young readers to show them that it is okay to explore the unknown and to not let fear stop them from trying something new.

The exquisite images are colorful and look like pieces that can be in an art collection. They are captivating and there is much to look at. Each illustration matches the soothing tone of the book. I felt comforted by the authors calming writing style and images as I was reading. I loved this story and I really wanted to know what happened to Calico’s siblings and if they found happiness. Bliss, the white coyote is a beautiful and mysterious character, and I enjoyed reading about him as I felt he offered and alluring quality to the book.

Desert Bliss by Rachel Bate is a reassuring picture book that is a perfect nighttime story for children. This wonderful children’s book is filled with lessons that will inspire kids to trust their instincts, try something new, and know that there are good people out there who will help them.

Pages: 38 | ISBN: 1631779583

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