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Did We Learn Anything From WTC Towers Collapse?

September 11 is a date that sends a shiver through many peoples’ bodies. The World Trade Center attack is one of the most disastrous terrorist attacks in the world. And while everyone sympathizes with the victims and their families, there are multiple impacts of the attack that are often overlooked. In his book Did We Learn anything from WTC Tower collapse? Critical Review of Final NIST Reports and More, author Gregory Szuladzinski critically analyzes the effects of the attack, the security measures that have been taken since then, how life changed for most and the government’s role in protecting its citizens from attacks of this nature. 

Just like the title suggests, this book poses questions not just to authorities, but everyone responsible. Is the United States prepared to handle disasters? What is the long term damages and what can we learn from the reports by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)? The book is all-inclusive as the author has compiled real stats and data to back his analysis. Gregory Szuladzinski is factual and only writes about what he can prove from his experience in aircraft construction, aerospace, and engineering. 

The book starts on a solemn note; the damage the WTC attacks caused were devastating. Some people are still suffering from the terror two decades later. The author breaks down every part of the investigation with precision and facts. The author starts by giving a general introduction of the topic and later moves on to discussing the accident investigation and explosions, shedding more light on explosions, structural models, aircraft impact modeling, and other things. As a reader, you are able to look at the towers from an engineering standpoint as you follow this scrutiny.

The language used in this illuminating book is technical, but also comprehensive. The author uses hi-tech terms to expound on the investigation and discuss the towers, their construction style and the planes. As a reader, you get the full picture as the author includes both real images from the crime scene and drawn illustrations. There are pictures after every few pages, drawn clearly to help the reader picture what the author is writing about. The author has added more than just the report done by NIST. The author’s findings are more thorough and share vital information. The book brings closure to those indirectly and directly affected, while also informing readers about the engineering aspect of the WTC. Reading this enlightening book will help readers understand what caused the collapse, the timing of the falls, controversies, and the crucial information missing from NIST reports.

Pages: 191 | ASIN: B0B8TR43F5

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