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The Fae Princess

The Fae Princess (The Pacific Princesses Book 2) by [Ektaa Bali]

Prepare for magical delights and dark creatures in The Fae Princess by Ektaa Bali! The second book of The Pacific Princesses series follows 10-year-old faery princess Vidya. She resides deep within the Bushlands of Australia in a hidden faery realm that oversees and communicates with plants. Everything is fine until the first day of Spring. Their annual feast is put to a sudden halt when a mysterious darkness begins to overtake the land and puts the adult faeries to sleep. The fate of the kingdom is on Vidya’s shoulders. Can she save her kingdom?

Author Ektaa Bali has created a fun and imaginative children’s fantasy story. Her ability to craft a story that both meaningful and easy to read is something I greatly appreciated. From the imaginative world-building to the intriguing characters, Bali has set a high bar for indie middle-grade authors.

Bali introduces us to a majority of the ideas and concepts of the fae kingdom within the first three chapters. We see her describe who the fae are, where they are from, and what they do within the confines of only 43 pages.

I also enjoyed her magical descriptions of both real and mythical plants. She did not go into overt detail but gave you just enough to be satisfied and understand what you were reading – which is a great writing style for younger readers.

Watching Vidya come into her own as she has to save her kingdom added a beautiful message to an already magical story! We see her become braver, use her intelligence, and rise to the occasion. Young girls everywhere will find a wonderful role model within Vidya. Although I thought Vidya is a rousing character that I loved following, I felt that she sometimes sounded mature for her age.

The Fae Princess by Ektaa Bali is a story infused with adventure and creativity. This is an exceptional book for young girls everywhere, but any young reader will surely get swept away in the story. This is a fantasy story that is empowering as well as entertaining.

Pages: 236 | ASIN: B08X3YPZL4

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The Unicorn Princess

The Unicorn Princess (The Pacific Princesses Book 1) by [Ektaa Bali]

Sonakshi has everything she could ever want and a family who loves and protects her fiercely. She, however, possesses qualities that set her apart from all others–Sonaskshi is a unicorn. When she discovers that she is in danger, every nightmare she has ever had begins to make perfect sense. From an early age, Sonakshi recalls the image of a horrible face. It haunts her dreams, and now that she has heard her parents give a name to the face, everything is becoming all too real for Sonakshi.

The Unicorn Princess: The Pacific Princesses Book 1, written by Ektaa Bali, is the age-old story of the quest to break a curse, but it is told with fantastic relatable characters with whom young readers will relate. Sonakshi and her best friend, Kiera, are typical young girls–always looking for adventure. The fantasy element in Bali’s writing is strong and pulls the reader into the story from the first paragraphs.

The closeness between Sonakshi and her best friend makes for a wonderful storyline all of its own. In addition to the peril the children face, the author has woven a beautiful element of friendship into the book which will immediately catch the interest of young readers.

As an adult reading this book to critique for use by my students, I have to say even I was drawn in by Mankini’s storyline. I do love a great villain. What fantasy fan doesn’t appreciate a good evil witch? I am also a huge fan of the underdog. Batuman, Mankini’s sidekick is the perfect downtrodden henchman forced to do his master’s evil bidding.

Some fantasies of this nature tend to be filled to the brim with language that is too colorful and overpowers the storyline. Bali, however, has managed to hand readers a well-crafted plot written with a tone and language that young readers will appreciate and find both easy to follow and engaging on every level.

I am giving The Unicorn Princess: The Pacific Princesses Book 1, by Ektaa Bali, 5 out of 5 stars. As a parent and teacher, I can wholeheartedly recommend this first in series for anyone who has fantasy fans in their home or classroom. An engaging story centered around the value of friendship and loyalty, The Unicorn Princess is a sure hit among young readers. I am looking forward to introducing Sonakshi to my students.

Pages: 196 | ASIN: B08L5K4CV1

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