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PACK OF THE LOST – The Uninviting Forest

Nikita Kapoor’s Pack Of The Lost – The Uninviting Forest is the first novel in the Pack of the Lost series. When the pack of wolves falls apart, Daffodil and Jasper, two young wolves, find themselves lost in the forest and at the mercy of dangerous creatures. While trying to find their way back to each other, they make friends with new canines and discover the secrets of their ancestors. With an amulet that connects Daffodil to Felix, the wolf god, but prompts her to act maliciously and Jasper’s dreams of impending doom, they struggle to return home. Their goal is to rebuild their pack in a bid to live an adventurous life with liberty.

The Pack of The Lost is a mystical fantasy novel with animal protagonists targeted at young readers. The underlying themes in the story are perseverance, friendship, and leadership. With animal characters, the author frames social orders in a new context. The story features talking canines, supernatural creatures, and realistic portrayals of animal life in the wild. The author gives human-like qualities and personalities to these characters. They experience different feelings, including guilt, excitement, anger, pride, and sympathy. This way, the author continually employs personification to drive home the story’s plot. One thing that stands out in the book is the author’s love for nature and its creatures. She uses vivid words to describe the surroundings and convey the thoughts and surroundings of the animals. Her writing style is poetic, and she uses brilliantly couched sentences. Readers would also find interesting the supernatural elements and legends of magical ancestors.

The Pack of the Lost is an exciting novel full of adventures and innovative analogies. It is a perfect read for younger readers like middle graders, who would undoubtedly discover lessons from this unique form of writing.

Pages: 181 | ASIN : B0BHZGJDCP

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