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PACK OF THE LOST – The Uninviting Forest

Nikita Kapoor’s Pack Of The Lost – The Uninviting Forest is the first novel in the Pack of the Lost series. When the pack of wolves falls apart, Daffodil and Jasper, two young wolves, find themselves lost in the forest and at the mercy of dangerous creatures. While trying to find their way back to each other, they make friends with new canines and discover the secrets of their ancestors. With an amulet that connects Daffodil to Felix, the wolf god, but prompts her to act maliciously and Jasper’s dreams of impending doom, they struggle to return home. Their goal is to rebuild their pack in a bid to live an adventurous life with liberty.

The Pack of The Lost is a mystical fantasy novel with animal protagonists targeted at young readers. The underlying themes in the story are perseverance, friendship, and leadership. With animal characters, the author frames social orders in a new context. The story features talking canines, supernatural creatures, and realistic portrayals of animal life in the wild. The author gives human-like qualities and personalities to these characters. They experience different feelings, including guilt, excitement, anger, pride, and sympathy. This way, the author continually employs personification to drive home the story’s plot. One thing that stands out in the book is the author’s love for nature and its creatures. She uses vivid words to describe the surroundings and convey the thoughts and surroundings of the animals. Her writing style is poetic, and she uses brilliantly couched sentences. Readers would also find interesting the supernatural elements and legends of magical ancestors.

The Pack of the Lost is an exciting novel full of adventures and innovative analogies. It is a perfect read for younger readers like middle graders, who would undoubtedly discover lessons from this unique form of writing.

Pages: 181 | ASIN : B0BHZGJDCP

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Brilliant White Peaks

Brilliant White Peaks by Teng Rong is a spellbinding novel that follows a pair of wolf cubs who are born in a valley surrounded by mountains. Their parents teach them how to hunt a variety of different animals. But when winter comes and snow covers the mountains, the family has to leave their home in search of food. When the family is attacked by another pack of wolves, the two pups are separated from their Ma and Pa. White Ears is injured and the pair of young wolves have to wait for her to heal before they go in search of their parents. They set out toward the ocean where they hope to find their Ma and Pa waiting for them. When White Ears and her brother reach the coast, will they finally be reunited with their parents?

This epic adventure story is told from the point of view of a wolf. Written in the first person perspective, the narrator is never given a name. He thinks and talks as one would imagine a wolf would, he uses paws and wolf-lengths as units of measurement instead of the human equivalents. Teng Rong opens the novel with descriptions of the two wolf pups venturing out of the den for the first time at the beginning of the story, and discovering a whole new world of sights and smells and sounds and creatures. This opening transports readers into the world he has created, propelling them into the mind of a young male wolf and setting the stage for a fast paced journey that he is about to undergo.

After the main wolf protagonist is separated from his parents readers will get to know his parents through his memories of their advice. Although White Ears and her brother had been taught to fear wolf strangers, the pair is willing to take in other wolves who were alone without a pack and make them part of their family. Watching how these two adolescent wolves adapt to the struggles they face and grow from them is fascinating. I enjoyed the wonderful character evolution these wolves go through during their journey as readers will see them mature as the novel progresses.

Brilliant White Peaks is a riveting adventure novel for young adults and teens and that will capture the heart of animal lovers of all ages. The unique point of view of this novel, along with it’s engrossing storyline and compelling characters, make this a captivating coming of age story that will be hard to put down.

Pages: 237 | ASIN : B09F2LY8F6

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