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The Nothing Brothers

Leo Kraft is a teenager growing up in East Coast suburbia in the 1970s, resisting the cookie-cutter life that his parents live. Fueled by his intense love for music and desire to find meaning in life, he and his band of friends (who have named themselves The Nothing Brothers) coast through the drudgery of high school. Leo pushes the limits to establish himself in the cool crowd and, after several misadventures, is sent by his parents to a summer camp for a few weeks to serve as a counselor. Instead of rigor and rules there, Leo meets some kindred souls who make him feel more like himself than ever before.

The Nothing Brothers by Jeff Rosen pulls readers into a wistful state of nostalgia for the seventies, even if they never experienced those years firsthand. The writing was easy to follow, and the story flowed nicely. Though the story is told in the third person, the main character’s voice comes through with strength and gives the reader a deep understanding of Leo’s personality and thoughts in life. In reading this story, I did not feel like there was a strong plot arc. Leo heads to camp in the first few chapters, and after his return, the story starts back in time by three years. I wasn’t sure exactly when the storyline returned to the present day. Rather than being defined by a significant event, the plot of this story seems to be driven by Leo’s path to discovering the importance of life. In the end, the ambiguous plot enhances the protagonist’s emotional journey.

I thought The Nothing Brothers was a fascinating read; I especially enjoyed learning about the music and culture of the seventies. I realized that the journey of self-discovery and finding your place in the world is similar for all young people, regardless of the time period.

Pages: 350 | ASIN : B0BNCGYMGJ

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