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How to Educate Your Children in the 21St Century

How to Educate Your Children in the 21St Century by author Clynie Huggins’s is an inspirational book that is a gem if you are a parent. The author talks about educating your child to be a better person in society. Clynie Huggins covers a variety of topics that parents often forget about when talking about their children. The concept of educating children just so they can build their careers should not be the only thing parents focus on. As a parent or educator, you should focus on bringing up a all-round child who will grow to be an adult that brings positive change in the community.

Some of the topics in the book that readers may find to be overlooked by both parents and educators, yet they are extremely critical in child-growth include equality, tolerance, development and kindness. The author discusses ways in which you can raise children to understand the importance of racial, and gender equality among other things. The author also touches on cognitive and emotional growth, an important factor that parents sometimes forget about as they focus on physical growth.

How to Educate Your Children in the 21St Century will give readers pointers on being the best parent they can be in this digital age. Huggins makes sure to include a section directed at expectant parents, an important group, as new parents often have no idea how to go about parenting, relying on the trial-and-error method.

This thought-provoking book is easy to read and comprehend. Clynie Huggins has an honest viewpoint showing not just the cute side of parenting, but the ugly side as well. The author writes about parenting as an overwhelming task and encourages those that have children to take it a day at a time as they raise their families.

How to Educate Your Children in the 21St Century is a fantastic reference not just for parents and teachers, but anyone that interacts with children in this modern age. A must read for those that want to raise a well-rounded child that can be successful in society, socially as well as academically.

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