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If You Meet Buddha Kill Him!

If You Meet Buddha Kill Him!: A Pilgrimage To Freedom by [Iliyan Kuzmanov]

If You Meet Buddha Kill Him! by Iliyan Kuzmanov talks about love as a healing universal force, along with the power of creativity and intention. Iliyan Kuzmanov shares his life experience and lessons with the reader with a message of trusting the journey and not rushing the path that you must take to learn about yourself and your soul. With your soul freed, every day can be full of passion, art, and fulfillment—it only takes a little faith in the process.

If You Meet Buddha Kill Him! begins by exploring what it truly means to be a human being, and how our lives are shaped but our understandings of ourselves and the people around us. The book discusses the difference between spiritual and physical selves, and emphasizes the importance in learning about our non-physical selves. By connecting with the natural world around us, we can begin to reflect the principles that nature teaches us in our daily lives.

I loved the way this story talked about growing through the power and impact of love and the appreciation of the world around us. Kuzmanov discusses his time in Thailand and how the beautiful landscape gave him the tools to explore his inner selves and connect with those who live off the land. I really enjoyed hearing about how he is able to set his physical self aside and connect with the spiritual connectivity of the world.

While I loved the spiritual aspects and philosophical statements throughout the book, I would have also enjoyed some more personal anecdotes from Kuzmanov’s life. I believe that his teachings would have a stronger impact if told through these relatable stories rather than just abstract ideas.

If You Meet Buddha Kill Him! is an inspiring and fantastical book that shows what it means to trust in yourself and the power of love. If you are the type of person that wants to trust the universe to guide you along the way, this book is the perfect inspirational tool to give you the strength to let go of the material world.

Pages: 165 | ASIN: B09FF8N2P5

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