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Astro Girls

Astro Girls: Celestial Bond by [Isha Panesar]

Isha Panesar’s breakout novel Astro Girls is an exhilarating coming-of-age space adventure, centering around twelve pre-adolescent girls who experience a life-changing, otherworldly encounter which renders them inadvertently responsible for the fate of the universe. The story is told through the eyes of Arianna, a kind, loyal, and spirited young girl who would do anything for the people she treasures the most. We follow Arianna as she sets forth on a kind of ‘hero’s journey’ through different portals, planets, and bizarre confrontations.

The narrative reads as though it is written for a preteen to young adult audience, and I would imagine many young women around the same age as the protagonist would easily become immersed in the tumultuous journey these Astro Girls embark on. Panesar’s story is fast paced, packed with twists, turns, astrology, aliens, and alternate civilizations; there is seldom a dull moment. As a reader I could sense just how much fun Panesar had writing this book, and how much time she dedicated to crafting her detailed fantasy adventure. In many ways it paid off, but I felt that the story overall could be improved by an editor. I felt as though the writing gives way to character development, pacing and fantastical elements. Fortunately, author Isha Panesar is on absolutely the right path to sculpting this narrative into a huge hit with a young readership. If the book is edited then I think it would enhance the creativity and charm of the story.

Astro Girls is an imaginative urban fantasy story that will have young adult readers engrossed with the enigmatic heart of this intriguing story.

Pages: 162 | ASIN: B08NTT7NFJ

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