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The Killer Half 

The Killer Half by J.B. Blake is an action-packed thriller that follows Hawk, a soldier, and his return from service in Afghanistan. Hawk served as a well-known and respected “Mr. Fix It” for the army, doing the dirty jobs that others either wouldn’t or couldn’t do. Once Hawk is back home, the familiar surroundings of civilian life feel more foreign than ever. He quickly learns that adjusting to home is more difficult than anticipated, and as Hawk settles back into civilian life, his only companions are his military-trained dogs and arsenal of weapons.

As Hawk adapts to his new life, he unexpectedly discovers a young girl in trouble during a hike in the desert. It is clear that she is about to be assaulted by human traffickers, which Hawk quickly, and skillfully helps the girl break free from, only to discover there is much more lurking beneath the cartel-backed criminals. As Hawk uncovers the onset of a multi-stage invasion orchestrated by the cartel and Muslim extremists, who plan on invading the U.S. with the purpose of trafficking drugs, and people and subjugating its populace to Sharia law.

At first glance, the plot feels outlandish and over-the-top, but it successfully delivers raw, entertaining action from start to finish. Hawk embodies the epitome of action heroes, a one-man army who is good at a lot of things and applies these skills throughout the book. What I enjoyed about this book is how well the author delves into Hawk’s struggles with PTSD and trauma from his time in Afghanistan. Despite Hawk’s trigger reaction to events and his preference to resolve issues with a gun, his character displays some depth and dimension, alongside his battles with villains and developing love interest.

The Killer Half is a thrilling novel for fans of easy-to-read action, with unrelenting plot twists and exciting characters. While the story provides a steady dose of action, the book also explores themes around religion, politics, the American border, and the war in Afghanistan, which may seem divisive or offensive to some readers. The gist of the story is unapologetic, with a poignant view and a strong voice. I recommend The Killer Half for its action-packed and character-driven story.

Pages: 338 | ASIN: 1639885048

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