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What Thinking Means

John Lindhjem
John Lindhjem Author Interview

The Rise And Ruin Of Logic helps readers figure out the various ways to be at one with life’s characters. Why was this an important book for you to write?

This book was very important for me to write simple because people have become so confused about the idea of the mind. I suffered from the same confusion most of my searching life. I thought to myself that if I could bring clarity to the ‘mind” then I may be able to help others who felt the same.The mind is such a vast and controversial topic that I wanted to add my version about the mind and what thinking means as well as understand that we cannot banish the mind, hence the character “Thought” found in the birth from Nothingness chapter.

What were some themes you felt were important to capture in this book?

Understanding all the characters depicted in my works. I would say the practical review chapter about all the characters is the important part of my work.

I felt like this book gave me a different perspective on life. What do you feel is a common misconception people have about life?

I think a common misconception people have about life in terms of my genre and what I write about: is that many people think they need to empty the mind, stop the mind, cease thinking, etc. Everything about the “new age” has been brewed into one massive pot that has led to so much confusion.

What do you hope is one thing people take away from your book?

My hope that people can take from my book is to make peace with themselves about the topic of spirituality. That is primarily what motivated me to write this book, hence my characters from Wisdom to Body and all of them in between. This has been my effort to organise the human make up. While some people follow only the heart and others, Logic, I have tried to give equal credit to all the characters. It is all about balance.

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Me, Myself, and Life’s Characters

I am “Thought” the adventurer
Let me tell you a tale about your birth…

Long ago, in a thorough search for more, Logic the separatist broke away from his roots and gave birth to his own children of madness. As Thought lays the foundation, Logic the capitalist begins to Rise and Rule. Hence, the beginning of the here and now.

We have lost our guide while many have turned to spirituality; the big business hoax to reclaim themselves only to find how crippled they are. Hence, it is “Time to fire the Guru.”

Have you ever felt that there was more to life than the 2D images we’re used to seeing? Well, there is. Life is full of colourful 3D characters like Logic, Thought, Fantasy, and Emotions.

This book is also about Greed, Logic the planner and soul destroyer, money, holy phantasmagoria and crass materialism.

What these characters do is to form a synergy, working together like a well-oiled machine to ensure that our lives go smoothly.

Ready to get in touch with them? You’re in luck because I can help you do so! There’s no need to make drastic changes to realise your potential; all that’s required is patience, willingness, and commitment to make the necessary changes. You needn’t feel bad if getting to your desired endpoint takes more time than you’ve budgeted for, simply go one step at a time, and you’ll amaze yourself with your level of measurable progress in no time!

Awareness is the ultimate form of recognising all things around us. It helps us review all that we’ve done, and also shows us new ways to improve our states.

This book will help you figure out all the various ways to be at one with all of life’s characters because that’s the sure-fire way to discover yourself and live a stress-free existence. It’s only when you’re conscious of yourself that you’re able to see the world for what it is, and not what society has painted for us.

With the aid of this manual, you’ll be able to embrace every part of your life and not just the ones you like. We wouldn’t be at peace if we didn’t at least try.

In summary, this book is: Food for thought and a captivating story about the birth of attitudes. Sit down, enjoy a good read, and be radically transformed.

The Rise And Ruin Of Logic

The Rise and Ruin Of Logic by [John Lindhjem]

Often people lose faith because life takes too long to get sorted out. This is how people end up giving up too early. Success requires patience and commitment as well as willingness to change whatever needs to change. The Rise and Ruin of Logic is about keeping the faith. It is about all the elements in life that work together to form a person and their success story. It is about accepting life even when you are in the pit of it. It’s about growing as a human being and committing to living and not simply being blindly focused on financial success. Are you ready to succeed?

The Rise and Ruin of Logic is oozing with charisma. The author’s charm jumps off the pages. The spirit and tone of the book will motivate you not only to read more but also, and more importantly, to reflect on your own life. To take stock of what you may be doing wrong in your life. To improve what you have been doing right. It is thought-provoking at the very least. Especially during this time of isolation. The time could be used to make a few changes to your life. This book is a good guide to the right path. It is a good guide for anyone who might be at the beginning of their journey.

The author is generous with language while keeping the tone tranquil and safe for the maximum understanding of the subject. His sole purpose with this book is to send a message. John Lindhjem’s excellent writing brings this message to life. The way he cajoles the reader into connecting with the material is nothing but astounding.

It is always useful to hear what others have to say. It is always useful to try and learn something new. To hear a message from another point of view. The Rise and Ruin of Logic was a little overwhelming at first, but with a few page flips I was drawn into the narrative. You will even enjoy it. On one hand, you wish you had been slowly inducted into the book but on the other, you will appreciate being thrown right into the thick of it.

John Lindhjem has written an exceptional self help book that highlights new age thought. The Rise and Ruin of Logic will keep you thinking well after you’ve finished the book.

Pages: 308 | ASIN: B07PSMCZ5M

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