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The Rise And Ruin Of Logic

The Rise and Ruin Of Logic by [John Lindhjem]

Often people lose faith because life takes too long to get sorted out. This is how people end up giving up too early. Success requires patience and commitment as well as willingness to change whatever needs to change. The Rise and Ruin of Logic is about keeping the faith. It is about all the elements in life that work together to form a person and their success story. It is about accepting life even when you are in the pit of it. It’s about growing as a human being and committing to living and not simply being blindly focused on financial success. Are you ready to succeed?

The Rise and Ruin of Logic is oozing with charisma. The author’s charm jumps off the pages. The spirit and tone of the book will motivate you not only to read more but also, and more importantly, to reflect on your own life. To take stock of what you may be doing wrong in your life. To improve what you have been doing right. It is thought-provoking at the very least. Especially during this time of isolation. The time could be used to make a few changes to your life. This book is a good guide to the right path. It is a good guide for anyone who might be at the beginning of their journey.

The author is generous with language while keeping the tone tranquil and safe for the maximum understanding of the subject. His sole purpose with this book is to send a message. John Lindhjem’s excellent writing brings this message to life. The way he cajoles the reader into connecting with the material is nothing but astounding.

It is always useful to hear what others have to say. It is always useful to try and learn something new. To hear a message from another point of view. The Rise and Ruin of Logic was a little overwhelming at first, but with a few page flips I was drawn into the narrative. You will even enjoy it. On one hand, you wish you had been slowly inducted into the book but on the other, you will appreciate being thrown right into the thick of it.

John Lindhjem has written an exceptional self help book that highlights new age thought. The Rise and Ruin of Logic will keep you thinking well after you’ve finished the book.

Pages: 308 | ASIN: B07PSMCZ5M

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A New Alphabet for Humanity

A New Alphabet for Humanity : A Children's Book of Alphabet Words to Inspire Compassion, Kindness and Positivity by [Leesa McGregor , Daniela Sosa ]

A New Alphabet for Humanity is an inspiring children’s picture book that introduces kids to new ideas and concepts by using encouraging and uplifting words. The book goes through each letter in the alphabet, gives the letter along with an accompanying explanation, a beautiful image to reinforce the message, and a short description of the words meaning. All of these words come together to encourage children to think globally, socially, and positively.

Leesa McGregor introduces young readers to new words, some may be beyond their reading level, but not beyond their comprehension. This wonderful children’s book will inspire kids to think about new ideas, and give them a vocabulary for ideas they may already have and just don’t know how to express. The short but impactful descriptions of the word’s meaning are helpful, not just for children, but also for the adults that may be reading this book with their children. The illustrations by Daniela Sosa are bright, colorful, and focused on action which helps to keep kids engaged. The cute smiling faces of diverse children scattered throughout this book were to numerous to count. I think this is a better way to teach children about the alphabet. Instead of Apple, Cat, and Dog. Leesa McGregor uses empowering words like Abundance, Bravery, and Compassion. These are words that children have to think about more deeply, and because of that, the words and letters will stick much easier.

I have never read a book that embraced humanity with such positivity before. It’s refreshing seeing it accomplished so magnificently for young readers. This is a book for children, parents, teachers, and anyone looking for a new, empowering, alphabet.

Pages: 34 | ASIN: B089ZGG6NM

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