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Red Sinai

Joseph Mather’s Red Sinai is a riveting and unforgettable spy thriller. From the very first page, readers are thrown into a high-stakes situation, and then transported back 23-hours to watch intelligence officer Captain Freya Coraline Mathew’s story unfold. This is a great way to capture readers attention right from the beginning, and I was certainly hooked. Fan-favorites from the first book, The Silver Prince, return, this time with a keen interest in northern Africa. In this fast-paced thriller, the United States and United Kingdom join forces to safeguard international protocols from a rogue campaign aiming to destroy Egypt and NATO. Working alongside Richard Armitage as the head of MI6’s Egypt desk, Freya Mathews investigates religious histories within the country’s development to save millions of people from a flood – only one of many threats they face in less than 24 hours.

With cliffhangers, plot twists, and shocking character deaths, Red Sinai is a relentlessly entreating espionage thriller. Readers are taken to some exotic location and many scenes were “picture-perfect” and serve the plot well. Freya has to pick apart clues to her case, and answers come from all directions.

Rather than facing day-to-day obstacles which would have slowed down the team’s operations, everything was accomplished speedily and efficiently. Considering the deep complexities and thematic nature of this book, I was surprised to find a plot that was easy to follow, and one that makes for an encapsulating read. Without having to focus on the context of modern-day London or other niche problems often found in political fiction, readers can focus solely on the characters and their perilous journey. My heart was warmed to see the collective strength and community in Mather’s Red Sinai, epitomizing the heroine spy for all thriller books on the market.

Red Sinai is an exciting crime novel that keeps one thing in mind all throughout the story; entertaining the reader. If you have no more Robert Ludlum books to read, then this should be the next book you pick up.

Pages: 237 | ASIN: B0BS1VN6CX

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