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Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone (Comfort Stories) by [Kimberly  Fish]

Comfort Zone is a feel-good women’s fiction story that will make you appreciate life, nature and second chances. This is a captivating story that follows single mother, Anna Weber, who is trying her best to give her daughter all that she needs. Ann is a character that is easy to empathize with, relate to, and love. Author Kimberly Fish has a unique writing talent that brings her characters to life and makes them feel grounded even though they are so sweet. After reading this genuinely compassionate story, I feel like I really understood the meaning of the saying, ‘home is a person’.

Anna ends up helping out a stranded motorist only to find out that her new acquaintance is a self assured former football player with an attraction to problem solving. They have an unlikely but charming relationship that is fun to follow. Their relationship is something that I was constantly looking forward to seeing develop every time I picked up this charismatic novel.

While the story is compelling on its own, and reminded me of those breezy Hallmark made for TV movies, I really enjoyed how endearing the characters are in this story. I am sure I read most of this story with a slight smile on my face. Anna and Jack both have their issues, do not get me wrong, but it is how they deal with these issues that I really enjoyed.

I also enjoyed the various life lessons we are effortlessly introduced to throughout the story. Facing our past and embracing truth are themes that are explored with surprising depth for a light wholesome romance story.

Comfort Zone is a lighthearted, but no less emotional, contemporary women’s fiction story that expertly sets up two fascinating characters and takes them, and readers, on a unique journey of self reflection and discovery that fans of heartwarming fiction will find hard to put down.

Pages: 289 | ASIN: B09K8YCXP8

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Discover Their Grit

Kimberly Fish
Kimberly Fish Author Interview

Comfort Foods is a emotional and riveting contemporary romance novel that finds a couple wrapped up in the whirlwind of their lives and trying to make it work. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The inspiration for this story leapt from the blue screen of Instagram. I have a twenty-six year old who followed several “influencers” and I became a bit riveted by the trajectory some of these women had taken in such a short time. I figured what goes up, must come down… and then imagined what a spectacular recovery might look like. Lacy was a character invented many years ago as part of the novella that kicked off the Comfort set of stories, and it was time to give her a full book. Characters in the Comfort set of stories flit in and out of the plots like our friends do, and Lacy was no exception. Romance, drama, humor, and second chances are major ingredients in every story.

The relationship between Lacy and Rudy was enthralling. What were some driving ideals behind the development of their relationship?

The connection between Lacy and Rudy helped me cover new territory in plotting—having characters that were both struggling in life, the distance between their communities and Rudy being a single dad, were areas I wanted to investigate and better understand since that feels so intrinsic in today’s world. Putting them into ever increasing awkward circumstances forced them both to grow and discover their grit. I like writing about people discovering what they’re capable of doing and these two characters had some big decisions to make.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

It was important to me to reveal that what we think we know about someone based on social media is often the polar opposite of truth. I’d hoped to remind readers to treat the media a little lighter and in doing so, get back to the basics of human interactions. Plus, I’d hoped to show that we’re our best selves after we’ve overcome obstacles, and that the hard stuff is worth working through.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

In Comfort Foods, readers are briefly introduced to Anna Weber, a single mom to twin girls. She’s on the fringe of the Comfort friends group because her schedule is consumed with her daughters and her work life, plus she’s hiding in plain sight and that’s exhausting. Anna is pitched some highs and lows in the plot and discovers grace that comes with second chances. Anna made some definitive choices in a time of crisis when her girls were infants, and the release from those bindings transforms her. A rare find of music brings her into unexpected proximity to a retired NFL Quarterback and they tangle at every turn. Comfort Zone is due out later this year, and will be promoted through my newsletter—subscription available at my website —and announced through Kimberly Fish,author on Facebook.

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From the award-winning author of Comfort Plans and Comfort Songs comes a story of two rising stars blitzed by social media. Lacy Cavanaugh and, single-dad, Rudy Delgardo live a hundred miles apart but meet in the worst possible way. Working at a weekly paper and creating social media for area businesses helps Lacy connect with locals who open her mind to a perspective beyond Instagram. In launching a food-and-wine festival to support Comfort’s new event center, she discovers surprising skills bubbling over, much like the food she’s attempting to cook. Rudy, on the brink of his restaurant’s takeover, struggles to improve time management so he can create a better relationship with his daughter. Distracted by Lacy and her invitation to the festival, he’s tempted by her beauty, wit, and courage, but as a chef, he rarely gets to enjoy life outside the kitchen. Enemies, illness, and exes add unwelcome spice to the dish they’re concocting—one that will teeter with misunderstanding until the very end. Will Lacy and Rudy embrace their second chances and discover the perfect seasonings of family, resilience, and grace to create a handwritten recipe of love that will stand the test of time?

Comfort Foods

Comfort Foods: Texas Hill Country Fiction (Comfort Stories Book 3) by [Kimberly Fish]

Comfort Foods by Kimberly Fish is an intricate and well-written novel about two adults wrapped up in the chaos of their lives and the power of social media, who manage to find love in each other anyway. It follows Lacy Cavanaugh, an Instagram star who after a media disaster has to move to the small town, Comfort, to work on the local newspaper, and Rudy Delgardo single dad and head chef at Stella, pursuing his dream to get his restaurant to the top.

Lacy and Rudy have a lot of chemistry and their romance is a slow burn in the best way possible. While the romance is the center of the story, there is a lot happening in both protagonists’ lives. As such, we see many parallel narratives unfold which bring important and riveting character development. The narration is very detailed. It alternates between the two main characters, and it is so well- written that I felt I was inside the characters’ heads. Therefore, every fleeting thought and interaction is immensely interesting to read. The supporting characters are intriguing in their own right and bring a lot to the narrative. The relationships are developed in a low-key manner but manage to rise in importance until the emotional weight becomes evident. I surely wasn’t ready for some of the developments of the book, but the result is no doubt beautiful. Over its 300 pages, we accompany many events, conflicts, and the main couple’s ever-growing affection for each other. More often than not, they complicate their interactions more than they should, but it’s all due to the nervousness their feelings create. It’s a dynamic that can be a little bit irritating, but entertaining nonetheless.

Comfort Foods unites the best from romance, drama, and humor to deliver a story so full of details and authenticity it is easy to believe it could have happened in real life. This is highly entertaining romance novel that fans of contemporary love stories will devour.

Pages: 387 | ASIN: B08KVNWV94

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