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Deep Craving

Joe Giampaolo shares with us a series of short poems, which, although focused on love, also exalt nature and hope. Affection can be represented in different ways, so Joe talks about passions as well as romance. He motivates us to find true love and achieve inspiration. Hence, sometimes the poems talk about running down cobblestone streets and feeling nostalgic, and other times there are moments of peace while contemplating the moonlight. The settings he describes are beautiful, but his perspective remains realistic.

I liked Joe Giampaolo’s poetic style because he is not afraid to open his heart. His words are sincere and simple; for this reason, in Deep Craving, it is easy to see the beauty of poetry. The allegories and representations of nature are clear and attached to the feelings of life. The author’s words are reminiscent of some of the classic poets, but his style is still his own and individual, thus maintaining his poetic purity. His ideas are expressed in sweet concepts, so he can speak of snow or the vibrant sound of children’s laughter without losing the sense of the theme of love.

I enjoyed reading Deep Craving; it serves to lift your spirits and continue the day with a positive attitude because it allows you to see the world in a favorable light. That’s why I think Joe Giampaolo succeeds. I only wish there had been more poems to read because the ideas always convey the right feeling. This is a case of quality, where in a few words, great ideas are conveyed. This poetry will make you feel nostalgic and longing. But it will also motivate you to seek to live in a new world, a more prosperous one.

Deep Craving: A Collection of Poems is a thought-provoking book filled with visions of love and romance from a unique perspective. This is a wonderful collection to read or share with someone you love if you are looking for something different but deeply meaningful. I recommend this read for any lover of poetry who wishes to express their feelings with affection.

Pages: 57 | ASIN : B0B5T34KJR

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