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The Surreal Adventures of Anthony Zen

The Surreal Adventures of Anthony Zen by Cameron A. Straughan is a collection of twenty-three chronological short stories about the day-to-day life of Anthony Zen. As illogical as this book may seem, the character is not fazed by the absurd adventures he has to face on a daily basis. Anthony is a man who runs to work without pants, owns a cat named Monty that rings, and finds this wacky behavior normal. This humorous tale of a man who lives his life to the fullest is wildly creative and entertaining. This eccentric story is full of shenanigans and outrageous creatures. It is a creative tale with backward logic that makes you laugh.

The book is brimming with wildly imaginative shenanigans and outrageous creatures that are sure to keep readers entertained. The writing is sophisticated and free of grammatical errors, making it a joy to read. Although I think the book would benefit from illustrations, the quality of the writing and the depth of the characters is enough to engage readers and take them on a journey through Anthony’s surreal world.

While most books with eccentric worlds have a set of rules that guide the reader, The Surreal Adventures of Anthony Zen does not. The author adds details seemingly at random, leaving readers in a state of anticipation, never knowing what to expect next. This unpredictability adds to the entertainment value and keeps readers in suspense.

The book’s structure is broken up in a way where each chapter functions as its own individual story, but the book consistently follows Anthony’s overall narrative. This non-traditional approach to storytelling is refreshing and makes the book stand out.

The Surreal Adventures of Anthony Zen is a well-written and creative book that offers a unique take on storytelling. It is certainly an enjoyable one that will leave readers both amused and engaged.

Pages: 191 | ASIN : B088LQF344

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The Mole Book III

Book Review

The Mole Book III, by Ron Raye, is the third book in the fascinating The Mole series. This particular collection of poems centers on engaging themes of survival, human nature, and betrayal, among others. The book starts with an intriguing introduction where the author talks about a character, who may or may not be fictional, who he claims was his brother. Following the character’s death, the ghost continued to haunt him, the author, even though he was not responsible for the brother’s untimely death.

I’m surprised to find one familiar character who stands out in the book, Willem, who appears in a previous book in the series. He is notorious for his destructive nature and deception. The author’s use of metaphor is brilliant when describing Willem, with lines such as “That night I saw him through the flashing light.” It was Willem; like a mole, he was holding court. “The evil thing was him.” These words aptly capture Willem’s character, making him a memorable figure throughout the book.

Ron Raye is a master of wordplay and metaphor, and his poems are written like captivating stories. The use of repetition in the right places was what I liked most, and it helped to emphasize the author’s ideas on the struggles of life. He asserts that life is a constant battle, and only those who can adapt to different situations and show resistance to oppression will survive. His insightful observations on human nature are thought-provoking and resonate with readers.

Ron Raye is a true master of poetry, and this book showcases his exceptional talent. As someone who has recently developed a love for poetry, this book is one of the best I have read so far. I highly recommend it to poetry enthusiasts and anyone looking for a fascinating and thought-provoking read.

Pages: 204

Gentle Shadows Fierce Wings

Gentle Shadows Fierce Wings is a beautiful and thought-provoking collection of poems. Author Nikita Kapoor is ten years old and knows how to express herself clearly and naturally. She begins by saying how war is a wall that divides the world. Then, she demonstrates the need to let go of worries and negative emotions to cherish the calm moments. Among her verses are motivational comments. She even comments on the importance of sharing a point of view and, at the same time, the benefit of taking advantage of the right to remain silent if that makes us feel better. In addition, Nikita Kapoor reflects on hope and belief in oneself, and among all the beautiful thoughts, there are allusions to nature.

You can feel the love and care that Kapoor puts into her writing. The calming images are paintings that complement the poems perfectly. They have energetic colors and transmit a lot of emotion. The author shares a photo of her first poem, written at the age of 5. This inspiring image is one to applaud and admire. The author’s words are sincere and mature, which I would read repeatedly. Nikita Kapoor uses simple language with positive words making this a relatable read for many readers. I appreciated that the topics are positive and focus on the search for pleasurable moments and being oneself.

Nikita Kapoor successfully expresses her creativity and motivates the readers to do the same. I thought Gentle Shadows Fierce Wings was a fabulous book. The author is versatile in the topics she handles. It is a suitable read for anyone who wants to feel encouraged and motivated. This book is well-balanced in terms of words, images, and emotions. Gentle Shadows Fierce Wings is a reading that both children and adults will love, regardless of the level of knowledge about poetry.

Pages: 105 | ASIN : B0BN43KF4F

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Like a Small City

How can one thing be many things at once? Like a Small City by Carla de Goede is a delightful collection of poems that will have readers pose this question that seems almost paradoxical. And yet, through her use of language, De Goede manages to create a literary universe that embodies this very concept. The poems in this collection delve into dark and painful places, exploring the deep grief that accompanies loss. But even as they do so, they offer glimpses of hope and redemption, showing how victory and renewed strength can emerge from even the most challenging circumstances.

One of the defining features of this collection is the author’s use of language and literary devices. De Goede weaves her characters seamlessly into nature, incorporating animal and plant references in unexpected ways. These references take on a life of their own, creating a festival with the confetti of imagination. “your handprint would remain forever, a bird settling down to roost….” Despite the beauty of the natural world that permeates the poems, the stories they tell are not always easy to bear. They delve into the complexities of human relationships, exploring the pain of memories that cannot be erased and the struggle to survive in abusive situations. Throughout it all, De Goede keenly observes the world and its people, expressing her vision with honesty and insight. The end to memory is erasure, but like in a small city, little impacts leave their mark for a long time. This is well-captured in the poem ‘Suburbia after the Party’ as the author tries to reconcile the beauty of yesterday with the present aesthetics, which she considers carnage.

Due appreciation must be given for De Goede’s skillful use of metaphors to weave her narratives. They create vivid imagery and unveil hidden voices. These poetic metaphors allow the reader to fully embody the work while still leaving plenty of white space for individual interpretation.

As De Goede herself notes, writing a poem in a time of argument is something you can’t start just anywhere. Instead, it requires a careful balance of skill and inspiration – a balance she has achieved in this powerful collection, Like a Small City.

Pages: 145 | ASIN : B0BPMJGBRC

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The Mole Vol IV: Possessor

In Ron Raye’s book, The Mole IV: The Possessor, readers are taken on a poetic journey through love, human nature, romance, hope, and despair. The author’s ability to blend these themes creates a unique and captivating reading experience. Through a collection of poems dedicated to a mysterious lover, the poet shares his perspective on the world and its imperfections.

Indeed, love can hurt sometimes. The poems reflect his unflinching love for the lover, who may or may not have loved him. The verse, “Learning never ends.” It stretches into infinity. “Perhaps, at some point, it bends, picking up on present trends” is among my favorite lines in the book. I consider the statement true, and the author used it a lot. Repetition, puns, and metaphors were the dominant figures of speech used in the collection. The fictional character Willem adds an intriguing layer to the collection, as he destroys without remorse.

The poems in The Mole IV: The Possessor is vivid and rich in imagery, making readers feel as though they are seeing the world through the poet’s eyes. The collection is a must-read for anyone interested in poetry, love, or the human experience. Ron Raye’s words are direct and unapologetically honest, providing a distinctive and provocative viewpoint on these themes.

Overall, The Mole IV: The Possessor is a rare window into the mind of a truly gifted poet and is a must-read. I recommend the book to fans of poetry. But no matter if you like poetry or not, this collection is worth reading because it is enjoyable and thought-provoking.

Pages 320 | ASIN : B0BJHD196K

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Vivencias (Poemas)

Vivencias de Mayra Almaguer es una poderosa y cautivadora colección de poemas que verdaderamente captura la esencia de las emociones humanas. La poesía de la autora te llevará a un viaje de autodescubrimiento, transportándote una montaña rusa de emociones que nunca supiste que existían en ti. La notable habilidad de Almaguer para evocar tales emociones en el lector hace que sea difícil no perderse en la belleza de sus palabras.

La escritura de la autora es cruda y honesta, y no se aleja de los aspectos más oscuros de la emoción humana. Sus poemas son un reflejo de sus propias experiencias personales, y esto se muestra a través de su dedicación a aquellos que la lastimaron. Encontré su dedicación valiente e inspiradora y es evidente que esas experiencias han contribuido a la profundidad y complejidad de su escritura. Los poemas de la autora son fáciles de leer y entender, pero llevan una cantidad significativa de profundidad que me dejó reflexionando después de haber terminado de leer el libro. Con alrededor de 100 páginas, los poemas son cortos, pero impactantes con cada palabra. “Karma” es uno de mis poemas favoritos debido a que los sentimientos expresados en él son fáciles de relacionar y pude conectarme con la autora.Recomiendo este libro de poesía bellamente escrito ya que te llevará a un viaje de autodescubrimiento y a una nueva apreciación por el poder de las palabras. La habilidad de Mayra Almaguer para expresar la experiencia humana con tanta gracia y claridad no es nada menos que notable. Estos poemas cortos pero profundos dejarán una impresión duradera mucho después de haber terminado el libro.

Paginas: 122 | ASIN : B0BPK3JHNZ

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21 Years…A Collection of Poems on Leadership

Vincent A. Watson’s collection of poetry presents a unique and innovative take on the art of leadership. 21 Years…A Collection of Poems on Leadership is organized into 27 chapters. Through the use of engaging rhymes and accessible language, the author emphasizes the importance of key human values such as courage, humility, and empathy.

Drawing on his experiences as a leader and head coach for a local youth track and field team, Watson has crafted a thought-provoking collection that will resonate with readers from all walks of life. Through his poems, the author delves into the nuances of leadership, exploring the idea that true leaders must be able to perceive their employees as individuals rather than just workers.

Watson’s insightful poems provide a clear roadmap for becoming a better leader, both in business and in everyday life. He emphasizes the importance of qualities such as patience, self-belief, cooperation, and active listening and shows how effective communication is the key to understanding.

This collection of poetry is brimming with Watson’s years of experience, and readers can feel it in every word. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to gain a fresh perspective on leadership and personal growth. As Watson says, “Put time and energy into your growth and becoming a better you.”

Pages: 76 | ASIN : B0BVY7ZFWV

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The Mole Vol V Spare Part

A love so pure that even death can’t pull them apart. A hurting heart, mourning the loss of his beloved. A man who sees the world for what it is. Its imperfections, injustice, and unending struggle for power. In some parts of The Mole Vol V: Spare Part, Ron Raye expresses his devotion and undying love for his lover. Despite the challenges that they may face, he continues to stay true to her. He also writes poems that praise the brave people among us and explains man’s quest for truth and wisdom. And he pinpoints the challenges that we all face in the world, especially the disadvantaged or lower class. He talks about his experiences in different parts of the world over the years, crimes committed in modern society, and the consequences of war.

It was a collection of poems on his views on various aspects of life. Pointing the light on some of the ills of society and subtly proposing solutions. He writes poetry to advocate for a better society in which all men are treated fairly and there is peace. The sad reality is that life isn’t fair and rosy. Things don’t happen as we want them to, and the weak are continuously oppressed. The man keeps seeking the truth and looks for answers to his questions, which he seldom finds. Love is a beautiful thing, but it can cause so much grief, leaving the lover in distress if the love isn’t reciprocated, such as in the case of the author.

Ron Raye creates poems that are just like stories. Each line is a story of its own and will evoke deep emotions in the reader. I had to read some lines twice to better understand the message he was trying to convey. Each line is expertly crafted. Ron Raye continues to show he is a master at poetry with yet another fantastic collection. This would be a great read for fans of modern poetry. The book is enlightening while also being thought-provoking.

Pages: 320 | ASIN : B0BRLGBHT9

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