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Unexpected events are occurring, rumors are spreading, and the Granstadt Police Department is doing everything they can to get to the bottom of it all. Escapade by Margery A. Neely is a mystery novel centered in a small town in Missouri. Two deaths are being investigated, an unlikely connection between them. A lady has been found drowned. The body of an unidentified male has also been found inside a tarp, just after allegedly being run over by a plane. Sergeant Phil Tyler is trying to solve both of the mysteries as he connects the dots and discovers secrets concerning the military service, civilian politics and the Korean conflict.

The book starts right away with an enigma, as the officials first realize the recent, strange murders that have occurred in their town. A group of young boys from the JROTC also cause some commotion after inappropriately and rudely interrupting the General’s salute. The book follows the style of detective stories, and shows chapter by chapter the varied links and assumptions that the people in the town make about the recent events.

The story accurately portrays the dynamics between people in an American town and makes important references surrounding American politics. There are talks about the upcoming election, the Korean conflict, spies and communism, all of it connected to the recent crimes and to the culture of the town. It’s interesting following along the dynamics shown between the different characters, as they try to make sense of what’s been going on. Is it all just an accident or is there something more sinister behind it all?

The narrative style is detailed and allows the author to cover all the possible links and intricacies of the plot. The slow-burn style allows readers to fully get to know what’s going on. A few hints are given alongside the chapters, the relevant connection between the murders and the world of politics being revealed as new clues appear. There’s certainly a charm in seeing the people of such a little town be involved in an event that could potentially be connected with spies, a war and international politics.

Escapade by Margery A. Neely is a engaging thriller with an immersive plot set in 1950’s America. This riveting novel will attract the attention of readers that have a passion for alluring crimes and mysteries.

Pages: 362 | ASIN : B07C135DCS

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