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Mythion: Discontinuity In Time – Book Trailer

Just released! A quantum AI parallel world, penetrating the mysterious depths of the subconscious and its entanglement with fluid time.

A pained, flawed and vulnerable man forced to travel in time to confront the skeletons of his past, all while military and alien adversaries play cat-and-mouse for his loyalties, his mind, and his secrets.

But which side can he trust? Who can he trust?

As the mystery spirals ever deeper into the rabbit hole…is it psychotherapy? Or has he been training the whole time for a mission too vast, too insane, to wrap his mind around?

As the twists and turns get more jarring, the full measure of his mission becomes shockingly clear. But not on your life can a human man do that, can he?

Mythion is an engrossing, literary, thought-provoking and mind-bending experience that takes you on an immersive journey through fluid time loops, weaving in science fiction, genetic engineering, magical realism, metaphysics, and military operations unknown to the general public.

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