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The Song of Kamaria Trilogy

T. A. Bruno
T.A. Bruno Author Interview

On the Winds of Quasars is the thrilling sequel to In the Orbit of Sirens. What were some new ideas you wanted to introduce in this book that was different from book one?

For Quasars, I wanted to explore the world of Kamaria on a more personal level. In the Orbit of Sirens was mostly about humans and why they came to Kamaria. Although the auk’nai were involved in that story, they had plenty of room for deeper observation. In Quasars, we see more of auk’nai society, and we discover that there is more than one mindset to the native Kamarians through the lens of the auk’gnell.

What scene in the book did you have the most fun writing?

Any scene involving L’Arn and Auden became my favorite to write. Auden is such a great character to explore, and I hope readers find him equally interesting to read about. The first scene L’Arn and Auden meet still gives me chills when I read over it.

What were some challenges you set for yourself as a writer with this book?

I wanted to represent a family dynamic much like my own growing up. My brothers and parents had to adjust to a lifestyle that accommodated my brother Danny, who was born non-verbal autistic. I wanted to have this shown through the Castus family, so I included Nella Castus, who was born Deaf. To do her justice, I reached out to people in the Deaf Community, and even brought on a Deaf Consultant to help ensure she was portrayed right. Nella instantly became another one of my favorite characters to write. She’s a ball of energy who doesn’t let anything hold her back, and she will fiercely defend those she loves. She’s an excellent addition to the cast, and I hope readers fall in love with her like I have.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I haven’t announced the final book’s name yet, but I expect to release it sometime in early 2022. It is far along in production, and it’s really shaping up to be an explosive conclusion to the Song of Kamaria trilogy.

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The thrilling sequel to In the Orbit of Sirens
In the aftermath of the brutal slaying of a sacred auk’nai deity, Cade and Nella Castus are taken from their home and brought deep into the wilderness. They must make their way back to civilization, traversing dangerous landscapes as they are pursued relentlessly by their captor-a winged abomination.
As Denton and Eliana search for their missing children, they uncover something that will change life on Kamaria forever.

On the Winds of Quasars

On the Winds of Quasars (The Song of Kamaria Book 2) by [T. A. Bruno]

On the Winds of Quasars by T.A. Bruno is the action-packed sequel to In the Orbit of Sirens. In the land of Kamaria, the Sol System has been taken by terrifying mechanisms referred to as the Undriel. Among this unrest, humanity was sucked into the colonized power of these machines, and survivors fled on a life craft dubbed Telemachus. As they traveled through time and space to seek a new world, they founded Kamaria, and established the colony of Odysseus. They settled into their new home and found themselves facing disease, peril, and the threat of a dangerous creature named the Siren.

Twenty-six years later, we’re thrust into the middle of intense action as the story begins, in the aftermath of the destructive rampage led by the Siren. Now we’re following a man named Cade Castus living aboard a spaceship called the Maulwurf. The events of In the Orbit of Sirens are far in the past now, and we watch as Cade lives out his familiar life on the craft. As he gets work on a new ship, Infinite Aria, we see the potential of his world unfolding in front of him.

I loved the rich lore created in this story. Characters from In the Orbit of Sirens reemerge, hardened by the world, and it was such a fun experience to see how they were incorporated into this new timeline. I really enjoyed reading from the different perspectives of characters: Cade, Denton, and L’Arn were all fascinating points of view to see through.

While the world constructed in On the Winds of Quasars is absolutely fascinating, it can be confusing to keep track of with so many new terms and character name. I think this emphasizes the need to read In the Orbit of Sirens first with great attention paid to the character dynamics and family names.

On the Winds of Quasars by T.A. Bruno is full of action and intense moments that will have your heart in your throat. The entire book is full of rich character relationships and tense battles with creatures that feel entirely new and creative. If you’re looking for a story revolving around a whirlwind sci-fi world, this epic is perfect for you.

Pages: 376 | ASIN: B09BS8FGX5

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