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Pippin Goes Snowboarding 

Mummy has planned a day of new experiences for Pippin, and he cannot wait to see what the day brings! First on their list is snow. Pippin has never seen snow, and he is mesmerized. His curiosity gets the best of him when he sees his very first snowman, but a long-necked bird sets him straight following a few curious licks. After Emy the emu educates Pippin about snow, he meets Luna, the dog who introduces him to the idea of snowboard racing. Pippin’s fun day in the snow is about to get even more interesting!

Pippin Goes Snowboarding is the fourth book in Julia Seaborn’s A Poodle Called Pippin series and is illustrated by Richard Hoit. Hoit’s precious illustration truly captures the excitement and novelty of main character Pippin’s experiences. Seaborn’s storyline offers young readers everything from suspenseful moments to encouragement to share with others. In addition, Pippin’s adventure helps young readers better understand how to make new friends and deal with the fear of trying something new.

I am giving Pippin Goes Snowboarding, written by Julia Seaborn and illustrated by Richard Hoit, 5 out of 5 stars. The author has included a wonderful list of comprehension questions that can be used to facilitate classroom discussions. I can see this book, and the entire Pippin series, as a teaching tool in grades K-3. I highly recommend Seaborn and Hoit’s work for any parent or teacher looking to incorporate a new author into their regular rotation of read-alouds.

Pages: 32 | ASIN: B0BFVVX3VD

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