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Pippin Goes Snowboarding 

Mummy has planned a day of new experiences for Pippin, and he cannot wait to see what the day brings! First on their list is snow. Pippin has never seen snow, and he is mesmerized. His curiosity gets the best of him when he sees his very first snowman, but a long-necked bird sets him straight following a few curious licks. After Emy the emu educates Pippin about snow, he meets Luna, the dog who introduces him to the idea of snowboard racing. Pippin’s fun day in the snow is about to get even more interesting!

Pippin Goes Snowboarding is the fourth book in Julia Seaborn’s A Poodle Called Pippin series and is illustrated by Richard Hoit. Hoit’s precious illustration truly captures the excitement and novelty of main character Pippin’s experiences. Seaborn’s storyline offers young readers everything from suspenseful moments to encouragement to share with others. In addition, Pippin’s adventure helps young readers better understand how to make new friends and deal with the fear of trying something new.

I am giving Pippin Goes Snowboarding, written by Julia Seaborn and illustrated by Richard Hoit, 5 out of 5 stars. The author has included a wonderful list of comprehension questions that can be used to facilitate classroom discussions. I can see this book, and the entire Pippin series, as a teaching tool in grades K-3. I highly recommend Seaborn and Hoit’s work for any parent or teacher looking to incorporate a new author into their regular rotation of read-alouds.

Pages: 32 | ASIN: B0BFVVX3VD

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Pippin’s Night-time Adventure

It is nighttime, and Pippins’s friend Blossom, the possum, asks him to join her as she goes out to see her friends. Having never been out at night, Pippin eagerly goes out to explore. They head down to the river, where they meet a wombat named Waddle, a fruit bat named Pixie, and a platypus named Platy. While exploring the river area, Pippin winds up in trouble, and his new friends must save him. This is an adventure Pippin will not forget.

Author Julia Seaborn continues her saga of Pippin’s adventures with the picture book Pippin’s Night-time Adventure. This creative story introduces young readers to several animals that live around a river. With charming illustrations from Richard Hoit, the river animals come to life while teaching readers about the animals that Pippin encounters. Seaborn uses Pippin’s conversations with the animals to educate readers about them, so Pippin is learning with readers. This helps kids really feel like part of the story.

Children will love how expressive all the animals are in the story. Each page has bold colors and detailed illustrations. So when the animals explain about themselves, children can see details like the wombat’s claws, the fruit bat’s fur and wings, and the platypus nose. This is a great way to introduce life around a river to an elementary class in a fun way.

When Pippen ends up in trouble, the animals all work together to save him. Teachers will love that this amazing children’s book teaches the values of teamwork and friendship even though they are all very different animals.

Pippin’s Night-time Adventure is a heartwarming picture book that will have children learning about all the animals and the value of teamwork and friendship. Children will love the images, and the fun story as all the animals meet Pippin and share their home at the river with him.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B09R46HT8S

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A Poodle Called Pippin

Julia Seaborn Author Interview

Pippin Moves to the City continues the story of Pippin’s adventures and presents him with the challenge of making new friends. What was the inspiration for your story?

This story is loosely based on our real life experience of moving back to the city from a country property.

Aside from Pippin, what was your favorite character to write for in this book?

Blossom the possum, Pippin’s first friend in this book.

What is the most difficult part of your writing process?

Creating the initial story line concept.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Book 3 “Pippin’s Night-time Adventure” is now available as a New Release.

Author Links: GoodReads | Website

Second book in A Poodle Called Pippin series. Pippin doesn’t want to move. He is worried about leaving his friends, but it doesn’t take him long to make new ones. Who is Pippin’s new friend that lives in the roof? Pippin tries to fly like his cheeky butterfly friend but comes tumbling down. Follow Pippin and meet Blossom the possum, Sandy the fur seal pup and Peach the fox cub. Includes fun discussion questions and activities at the end of the story.

Pippin Moves to the City

Pippin Moves to the City is the second book in the series, A Poodle Called Pippin. On this adventure, Pippin finds out his family is moving from the country to the city. He is very nervous about this move and dislikes everything from the start. Pippin is sad that he had to leave all his friends and worries he will not make new ones. When night comes, he becomes afraid when he hears a sound in the walls. It turns out there is nothing to fear; it is just a possum named Blossom, and she becomes Pippin’s first new friend. The following day Pippen races off to the beach, and there he discovers all kinds of new animals and adventures.

This heartwarming picture book written by Julia Seaborn is perfect for preschoolers and early elementary school-age kids. It introduces them to the concept of moving, addresses their fears, and shows them that things can work out, sometimes even better than before. Learning how to make new friends is also challenging and scary. Pippen shows young readers that they do not have to be afraid to meet new friends. Meeting the new animals shows diversity and inclusion; there are a lot of lessons in this creative children’s book.

Richard Hoit illustrates this light-hearted story with vivid colors detailed drawings and makes the animals come to life. Animals like a possum, seals, foxes, and a butterfly. These whimsical illustrations work well with the storyline and will keep children engaged in this marvelous book.

At the end of this beautifully written book, there are activities included. The author consists of twelve questions for readers to answer about the story and what they learned in the book. There is also a butterfly maze that kids can do and a link for more butterfly crafts. Lastly, a possum facts for children page teaches kids some fun facts about Blossom.

Pippin Moves to the City is a beautiful picture book that teachers and parents will adore. It is a fantastic introduction to moving, making friends, and experiencing new things on a level that small children can understand.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B09LH7VNN3

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Pippin Moves to the City

Pippin, the poodle, is about to go on a new adventure. His family is moving to the city. Pippen is apprehensive about this move and does not want to leave everything he knows and his friends. The first night in his new home, a possum pops out of the ceiling and introduces themself as Blossom. Already Pippen has a new friend. The next day he goes to the beach near his new home and meets all kinds of animals. Finally, things are starting to look up for Pippen. Pippen learns that change can be challenging, but you know new things and have great adventures when you take a chance and make new friends.

Pippin Moves to the City by Julia Seaborn and illustrated by Richard Hoit is the second book in the series, A Poodle Called Pippin. This cute and fun picture book will delight young readers with colorful and playful images and an entertaining storyline. Written for preschool and early elementary level children, the topic of moving is presented quickly and gently that preschoolers can understand and grasp it.

Readers will see how making new friends, even when complex and uncomfortable, is a worthwhile adventure to take. Seaborn also lets kids know it is okay to miss your old friends while making new friends. With Richard Hoits rich and vibrant illustration, seals, foxes, possums, and butterflies are introduced to the story to help Pippen make friends and learn the value of caring for your neighbors.

In addition to being a creative and entertaining story, this children’s book provides multiple resources for teachers. This book could be used for a fun unit study covering various subjects and tying them together. A list of fun questions can be used for reading comprehension review, a maze for children to follow, and a list of facts on Possums that could be turned into a science lesson.

Pippin Moves to the City is a playful and charismatic picture book that is perfect for teachers, preschools, libraries, and parents.

Pages: | ASIN : B09LH7VNN3

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Special Memories

Julia Seaborn Author Interview
Julia Seaborn Author Interview

Pippin’s Country Adventure follows an energetic poodle on an adventure that teaches readers about animals and practices counting. What inspired you to create a story about Pippin?

The inspiration for “Pippin’s Country Adventure” comes from my experience living on a rural property. The time has special memories and it was then that Pippin, my miniature poodle, came into my life.

Did you originally plan to combine several educational elements in the story or did that happen organically while creating the book?

Yes, this was part of my original concept for the book.

Are there any scenes in the book that are directly inspired by things Pippin’s done in real life?

Yes, we had blue tongue lizards, willie wagtails, snakes and his real life sheepdog friend is Hamish. Although some characters are real, most of the book is fictional.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The second in this series is called “Pippin Moves to the City” and will be available by the end of 2021. This book is entirely fictional.

Author Links: GoodReads | Website

Pippin the poodle is looking for friends to play with. He plays with piglets in the mud, jumps in a creek with ducklings, and meets Sugar Bear the baby koala. Most of all he would like to be friends with Snake.
But does Snake want to be friends with Pippin?
Pippin has fun with his sheepdog friend but makes a mistake when he sees mummy’s dinner on the table.
How will Pippin’s day end?
Includes basic numeracy skills and fun discussion questions.

Pippin’s Country Adventure

Pippin's Country Adventure (A Poodle Called Pippin) by [Julia Seaborn]

Pippin’s Country Adventure follows a spry poodle named Pippin that heads out on a fun filled adventure where he meets a variety of animals, learns something new from each of them, and gets to practice his counting skills along the way.

This lively children’s book deftly combines several educational aspects into a fun story that will delight young readers as it teaches them something useful. I enjoyed how counting was part of the story. It not only lets readers practice counting, but it allows them to also recognize the word for the number, rather than just showing the number on the page like many other children’s books. On top of learning to count, children will also get to learn a fun fact about each animal they encounter. All of this is told with simple language and vivid illustrations on each page that really captures the fun Pippin is having.

This is an educational picture book that will help readers with counting, teach them about animals, and will also help them with their reading comprehension as there are several questions in the back of the book that will prompt a good discussion about what happened in the book.

Pippin’s Country Adventure is an enjoyable kids book that I highly recommend for parents and teachers working on reading comprehension as there are a lot of fun things that happen in this book.

Pages: 32 | ASIN: B09DPXTDGK

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I Could Never Have a Christmas Tree

Julia Seaborn
Julia Seaborn Author Interview

BUTTERBALL’S Christmas Surprise follows a young poodle as she prepares for Christmas, gets into mischief, but does her best to ensure Santa’s visit. What inspired the Christmas theme in book three of your series?

My previous miniature poodle was notorious for wanting to play with my Christmas trees. She was fascinated with the decorations. Consequently I could never have a Christmas tree or could only have one high up where she couldn’t reach.

What was a lesson that was important for you to include in this book?

It is important to show genuine remorse when one does something wrong. It is also important for positive behaviour to be rewarded.

I appreciated the questions at the end that provided an opportunity for reading comprehension. How do you see this fitting into a teaching curriculum?

The questions are designed to test the ability of young readers to understand and retain details in the book. I think this is a good exercise in reading comprehension.

What plans do you have for Butterball the Poodle book 4?

Currently I have no plans for Butterball the Poodle Book 4 BUT I might change my mind at a later date. I have started a new series which will be on sale very soon – A Poodle called Pippin Book 1 “Pippin’s Country Adventure”.

Author Links: GoodReads | Website

What is Butterball the Poodle up to now?

She helps to prepare for Christmas and sees shiny balls on the Christmas tree but Butterball cannot stop thinking about those shiny balls.

Will she make a mistake? Will Butterball get her surprise?

Join Butterball as she goes to the poodle groomer and …

Includes fun questions at the end of the story.
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