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Prayers and Po-Boys

A few days to Christmas, Larry Singleton receives news that would change his life forever: he has been diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin lymphoma (cancer). Suddenly, Singleton realizes that he probably doesn’t have as much time as he thinks. The father and husband braces himself for a bumpy ride of treatment and picks up vital life lessons along the way. As he weathers the storm of chemotherapy, worry, and life generally, all he can do is pray and eat.

Prayers and Po-Boys is an inspirational account of Larry Singleton’s true topsy-turvy journey from when he was diagnosed with cancer through chemotherapy till he went into remission.

With soothing honesty, Singleton relates his thoughts, fears, struggles, and victories as he battled cancer. His approach suggests he is humble enough to accept that sometimes, the best help you can offer is to simply share your story.

Singleton’s crisp, concise, and immersive writing style makes his ideas stick in the readers head long after they have put the book down. Also, his tone is warm and reassuring, a sign that he is not just out to write a book but to genuinely reach into people’s hearts.

Prayers and Po-Boys is short but insightful. Its lessons range from Singleton’s epiphanies on living with cancer to revelations that can help anyone better understand and support affected loved ones. This is a fantastic book made even more so by the relevance of its themes.

Pages: 88 | ISBN: 1643074377

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