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Quick Quirks, A Quick Book

Quick Quirks a Quick Book is a book that will have you think about everything in life. The language you speak, your encounters, relations, things that you see on your way home, human interaction and everything in between. Benjamin Anderson came up with a variety of topics; some related, others not, and shared his thoughts on each of them. Reading the author’s thoughts and notes was stimulating as it gives one a different view of things. Benjamin Anderson is easy with his pen. He does not write complex and neither does he get technical with his work.

Benjamin Anderson is entertaining. The reader gets to chuckle after every few lines thanks to the author’s amusing takes when narrating. The author’s narration is captivating and gets one glued on the text. Each chapter has a different sense from the previous. Every topic is distinctly put and gives the reader something to think about. The author could be talking about something as simple as trees but his way of expressing his text will have you keen to follow the entire paragraph. One of the greatest elements in Benjamin Anderson’s writing is how he twists his texts while introducing new discussions and words. You enjoy reading Benjamin Anderson’s book because he includes interesting phrases and sayings that are not only witty but also educative.

The chapter on Sarcasm-ism was one of my favorite in the book. Wonder where sarcasm originated? Anderson will have you think about this and give you hints on how it started. He explains in detail what sarcasm is, how it is used and why it is an important element in language. The author asks questions, and answers them in the next line, giving one the satisfaction of understanding the topic being discussed. I loved this particular chapter the most as the author made sarcasm seem like a new topic to me. He explained the nitty gritties with this figure of speech and even used examples in sentence form to expound further. This topic also gets the reader to think about language in general and how fun simple elements of language are.

Other favorite chapters in the book included those that the author discussed include ‘For Argument’s Sake’, Of Jokes and Essay’, and ‘Use the Force of Nature’. These topics were the most hilarious and also the most enlightening for me. You get to discover new writing skills by the author when you read the chapters. Quick Quirks a Quick Book is a short but enlightening book that will make you feel smarter and keep you thinking long after you’ve put the book down.

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