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Caravan of Pain

“A successful failure, and the honor of a lifetime.” The single line sums up the author Scott Alderman’s thoughts perfectly regarding his tour project for 2000, ‘Tattoo the Earth.’ In Caravan of Pain, Scott Alderman shares the many escapades that followed the catalyzing of his dream, ‘Tattoo the Earth’ tour, the first concert tour to combine tattoo and metal music worlds. As an initiative taken when tattooing was still underground and illegal in many parts of the U.S., this, however, wasn’t the only setback in the 2000 tour. The upfront memoir acquaints the reader with the behind-the-scenes resilience and determination involved in operating the unprecedented multi-day festival and tour.

A ten-chapter narrative, the book follows up Tattoo the Earth tour from its conception to completion, along with the many in-betweens of the challenges encountered along the way. From the unbosoming the seed of the concept to handling its various aspects, including the selection of bands and tattoo artists, and not to mention setting aside their skepticism and emotional weariness about being a part of something that’s practically a virgin idea, these chapters open the lid on stress, depression and the effects on those involved.

Caravan of Pain presents blatantly the stark image of musical bands and tattooing industries, and the genuine reaction from the audience in the late 1900s. It covers many prominent musical bands like Slipknot, Coal Chamber, Seven Dusts, and Slayer, along with the twenty metal brands of the time, and the eminent tattoo artists, all of which help to convey the pop culture of the time in a way that could not have been conveyed any more energetically. The images from the book, including those of the band artists as well as the tattooists, convey the colors and culture of the time while stirring readers’ interest in the various artists even more by letting them connect to them.

While depicting every aspect of his novel tour, the author has worn his heart on his sleeves. He has been open and sincere in his judgments on his associates, his corporate jobs, and even his questioning of the righteousness of his own conduct while putting the dream tour together. While bringing the reader closer to the reality behind the cool and hunky tattooists and band artists, as well as their lively and carefree lifestyle, the reader is also shown their true struggle to navigate life’s internal politics.

Caravan of Pain is a genuine story of perseverance, courage, resilience, and the harsh realities of the entertainment industry’s ruthless dealings. I recommend it for its candid narrative accompanied by witty comedy that covers a good deal of the history of music and tattooing. It’s a must-read for fans of 1990s pop culture and metal music.

Pages: 182 | ASIN: B09P5RJ9L5

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