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Able to Channel Chaos

G.S. ScottSorrow’s Heart revolves around a young slave girl who is being tormented by a sadistic dark wizard. What was the inspiration for the dark wizard and the experiments he performs on the children?

Well, the Girl is a main character in a novel I’ve been working on for several years now. In that book, she, as an adult, is asked by a priest how she could talk to animals without being able to channel Chaos. Due to the story line in that book, I needed her to have some kind of affinity with Chaos, while at the same time hating the priests. So I decided that she’d been experimented on. As to why Ruddick, the priest, is driven to do the things he does … I’ll leave that up to my next book.

The story is told through the viewpoint of the young girl. How did you handle, not only writing from a young girls perspective, but one that is in dire distress?

Well, to be honest, that’s why it is written with a sense of distance. Beyond that I simply put myself in her place. She is someone who’s traumatized and treated as little more than a lab animal, yet she still yearns to live and fight on. It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure.

There is a lot of things that are not directly answered in the book. Was it your intention to leave so many mysteries in the story?

Yes, I wrote it from her perspective. It’s vague because she simply doesn’t know what’s going on and I felt that the mystery added to the sense of dread. Beyond that, at its heart it’s an origin story. I have more books with her as a driving force where we learn much more about her, her past, and her destiny.

Sorrow’s Heart explores misery, despair, and pain. Were there any parts of the story that were difficult to write?

Very much so. When I first created her I knew her back story, but actually having to write much of it, the pain, the torment, and of course the violation, made me cringe. I love her, and hated the thing that happen to her. I think that really helped.

Will there be a follow up novel to this story? If so, what aspects of the story will the next book cover?

There is a follow up in the works. It’s a monster of a book, well over two hundred thousand words, that I need to split into two and then go through the editing process. Because of this I wanted to have put something out there. Most people aren’t going to pick up something that big by someone they’ve never heard of before. I just finished the first draft of another book, a full length novel titled “Cleansed”, that I hope to have out by the summer, before I tackle the completion of the Girl’s follow up. I have a lot more stories in me that are all interrelated. I have a lot to tell. So if you enjoyed Sorrow’s Heart don’t worry, there is more on the way soon.

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Sorrow's HeartA young child, abandoned by her family, is enslaved and experimented on by a priest of the God of Chaos. She struggles to endure and find meaning in her fragile, tortured life. She finds help from some unexpected friends, but does she have the heart to not only survive, but thrive?

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Sorrow’s Heart

5 StarsSorrows Heart by G. S. Scott is a dark fantasy novel with elements of horror weaved within. This haunting tale revolves around a young slave girl who is being tormented by a sadistic dark wizard. The wizard performs a multitude of experiments on the children he acquires, many of which perish during these experiments. Somehow The Girl manages to survive the experiments and become the Master’s most prized possession. She gains several new abilities including communicating with animals of the True Tree. But the question remains; will she able to survive and fulfill the dreams she dares to dream?

While this tale is short, it tells a great deal of story. The story is told through the viewpoint of the young girl and there is some content within the story some readers might find difficult to handle. Scott utilizes experience to build a realistic world, which is compelling and draws the readers in. Immediately readers wonder what the “Master” is doing to the children and what his end goal is. One cannot help but feel compassion for the children, even for the cook who strives to take care of them the best she could. When it comes to the Master, he is a character that is easy to hate. The descriptions of the horrible things the Master does to the children and The Girl are so vivid, there are points when it becomes difficult to read.

The Girl is an interesting character surrounded by mystery. While we see things through her viewpoint and understand things through her thoughts and feelings, we still know very little about her. Readers don’t even know her name, other than The Girl. There is something special and unique about her that enables her to be able to withstand the Master’s experiments and later torture. With the story being short, many things are left to the imagination, or hopefully wishing there will be more books after this one. There are moments where it seems the author plays with some psychological elements such as Stockholm Syndrome as the girl begins to wonder if the Master cares for her and begins to care for him.

This is not a happy uplifting tale. It is one that explores misery, despair, and pain. The few moments when it seems that The Girl might have some happiness, it is quickly snatched away from her and she endures more torment. The one moment she tries to defend herself, she is treated as an animal and punished harshly. Despite all the harshness she experiences in life, she is a strong and determined young woman. It’s evident that she will persevere and be able to escape the clutches of the dark Master.

There are many elements mentioned that causes interest and intrigue, and those being the Lord of Chaos and the True Tree. It is interesting how G.S. Scott can have the whole story revolve around the Master wanting to connect with the Lord of Chaos, but leave that as a complete mystery. It makes the reader crave more.

Pages: 162 | ASIN: B0134S38A8

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