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The Anti-Vaxxer

In the year 2032, nothing much changes as the media still control the masses with their lies, corruption, and greed deceive the governments, and soldiers still come home from war. Marty Coleman, a soldier fighting in the Middle East, is sent home after suffering from PTSD to rest and return to war. When he returns home, he realizes he wants to settle down, maybe get a dog, and mow a few yards, but he has just come home to something far worse than his two tours in The Middle East. Covid is eradicated, or is it? 

The Vaccine has become the hero, and the world is carrying on as if no one died, no one lost, and no one suffered. However, the government is controlled by a group so insidious that they call themselves The Committee.  Unseen, unheard, no one knows who they are, but they are killing anyone who refuses the vaccine and anyone who disagrees with their approved plan for humanity.  Martin finds himself in a cat and mouse game as he runs from an unseen foe with eyes everywhere. 

The Anti-Vaxxer, by Andrew Toth, gives us a poignant look through the eyes of an Army Vet on the freedom of choice and what can happen when those freedoms are taken away. Martin invites us into his troubled mind as he tries to rectify that he survived two tours, only to come home to dangers he had already survived. 

With help from Army Nurse Kim, Martin finds himself on a journey of survival, unlocking and exposing an evil bent on control. Andrew Toth takes us on a controversial, real-time look at how people view vaccinations, but more importantly, the corruption when mankind tries to clean the Earth. 

There are many opinions about the vaccine. This story shows those who feel their freedom has been removed through mandates from our government.  This book would be suitable for High School students to Adult Readers. However, some hard-hitting storylines may be too shocking for younger readers. The story contains war-like images, riffles, grenades, and machine guns. 

The Anti-Vaxxer is a remarkable action-adventure novel filled with conspiracy, suspense, and thrills. This is an enjoyable and entertaining book while, at the same time, causing readers to think about the controversy of Government mandates and the powers behind the decisions to enforce them. 

Pages: 148 | ASIN : B09KZ7JP5S

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