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The Lady and the Dragon

The lady and the dragon (Ruthfinn romance Book 1) by [Ruth Finnegan ]

The Lady and the Dragon by Ruth Finnegan is an intriguing fantasy story following a young lady, a powerful dragon, an angel, and a couple of philosophical conundrums. It’s all packaged in a delightfully poetic format and explores themes such as sin, humanity, and destruction in an easy and engaging manner.

This story seems like it was made to read aloud, with funny voices and panache. I couldn’t help myself from muttering the best bits to myself, even getting strange looks from the other occupants of my home. There’s alliterations and rhymes and repetition and onomatopoeia– basically a linguistic candy store. The book reads like classic literature, it is offbeat and charming without ever being boring. It creates a comforting atmosphere with plenty of depth and imagination.

It is hard not to smile when you reach the end– it was definitely a glimmer of hope and joy in my generally mundane days. I can easily see myself reading this book to my baby nephew or recommending it to my teenage sister. A witty story and sharp writing elevates this fantasy novel, and I personally thought it was refreshing and a good break from the intensity of the real world. The Lady and the Dragon captures the essentials of the soul, offers subtle commentary on humanity, and is written with precision and a depth of understanding that will fascinate any reader. I can’t wait for Ruthfinn Romance Book 2!

Pages: 46 | ASIN: B08XW8561P

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The Lady and the Dragon – Book Trailer

A boy and a girl, “helped” by their dog, build a magical boat from a log buried in the sand, They sail to far-off fantastic lands in a stormy sea-driven adventure with their faithful, and accident-prone dog. Into the sea, again! In the enchanted, heaven like island where their boat is wrecked, they learn much wisdom from a king who, like God, has many names. The boy sacrifices his dream of sailing around the world and they return, in another dream, to a family tea with their loved ones. An unput-downable volume in the growing Kate-Pearl Series.

A tale of depression and rediscovery.

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