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As Alien As Possible

Bert-Oliver Boehmer
Bert-Oliver Boehmer Author Interview

Three Immortals follows war hero to the fringe of the galaxy where he discovers an ancient alien civilizations and their legendary powers. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I am a computer scientist, so one of the civilizations discovered by the protagonist had to be an AI/machine dominated one. Working in bioinformatics for many years, I developed a deep fascination with biology. We can only speculate what extraterrestrial life will look like. I like aliens in fiction who are truly alien, as alien as possible while remaining relatable as characters in a story. Introducing non-carbon based aliens with a different evolutionary backstory and having them “adopt” a human to live among them was a lot of fun to write about.

Your characters are intriguing and well developed. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

“I did not like […] having existence happening to me, instead of shaping it!” says the hero in the story. All main characters act and change the course of galactic history for good or bad. I wanted to tell the story from the perspective of passionate people who plow ahead despite adversity. None of them is all good or all evil. The hero has massive flaws, the antagonist has a relatable backstory and even the traitors’ perspectives offer some redeeming qualities.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The story presents itself in a way I like to read space opera and military science fiction and it will check all boxes of expectations if you prefer these genres. Underlying the story thread is questioning the saying “what does not kill you makes you stronger” and the book asks if this is true or not. The (human) galactic government, for example, has idolized this notion in their creed “strength through adversity” and makes war and suffering a desirable natural state for the life of trillions. The machine civilization pushes this one step further through their ability to perceive many realities in the multiverse, and always pursue the most difficult one. The hero, learning this ability, will have to choose if he prefers an easy life or not. The ending invites the reader to decide what they would have chosen for themselves.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Three Immortals brings its main story to a conclusion – but it leaves the arcs of many interesting characters open for continuation. 2400 Earth years of galactic history are woven in when the story requires, but there are many things left to explore with the reader – including the true nature of the Dark Ones, who nearly destroyed the galaxy. The next book is part 2 of a trilogy set in this universe. We will see familiar characters return, but also new threats and antagonists emerge. The scope will be larger, and the interstellar conflicts of Three Immortals are going to expand beyond the galaxy.

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Extra-galactics ravaged the Milky Way and humans saw their interstellar civilization burn. 2400 years later, humanity has risen again. Its immortal rulers are challenged by a ruthless empress. When popular war hero Kel Chaada rises to lead a small nation of mining worlds, his life gets crushed between the clashing powers. Charged with murder, he has to flee human space. At the fringes of the known galaxy, he discovers ancient alien civilizations, and the legendary powers they have to share.

Why was their existence purged from the historic records by the immortal elite?

Three Immortals

Three Immortals by [Bert-Oliver Boehmer]

Three Immortals by Bert Oliver Boehmer, is a space revenge story that sees all of our characters experience some kind of betrayal. First, readers are introduced to Keel Chaada, who is betrayed by his former best friend, now turned nemesis. Then we meet our other immortals, Sygma Omga who wishes to stop the abuse her father put her through her year beside him, and lastly Vyoz Vyooma who is a professional soldier on a mission to conquer and slay.

This is a complex space opera with a complex history. I really enjoyed the switch in perspectives between characters, but I felt that the amount of time spent with each character was inconsistent, leading to some being more developed then others and I would certainly appreciate more time with these characters because what is offered is very interesting and begs to be explored deeper and for a longer period. This is a science fiction story with high stakes. A sense of urgency permeated the whole story and while not every mission felt important, the missions that did, added a high-level of tension to the story that I enjoyed. Author Bert-Oliver Boehmer has written an action oriented sci-fi novel that was entertaining from start to finish. While I felt lost in the grandeur of the story, the massive scale of the scenes and stakes elevates a story that could have been a standard space romp, into a truly epic science fiction experience.  It helps that the characters are engaging and are as well developed as the plot is. There were some personal moments throughout the book that help readers make an emotional connection to the characters. The characters are very compelling and by the end of the story we get a satisfying resolution that feel earned and makes the story well worth the read.

Three Immortals is a classic  science fiction story that is perfect for readers looking for a hardcore sci-fi experience, Even if you are not a fan of the genre, there is something uniquely compelling about the characters in the story that will allow anyone to enjoy this riveting space romp.

Pages: 310 | ASIN: B09HT1CXZK

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