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Mystical Force: Volume 2: Angels and Demons

In Mystical Force: Volume 2 Angels and Demons by Craig Weidhuner, Humans do not believe Earth is the only inhabited planet. Sister Rose is one of five nuns who hunt and kill demons. They are called upon by God to destroy the demons using their magical bullets which are specially designed to kill demons. Sister Rose’s parents passed away long ago, leaving her to become a young orphan raised in the church. Her roots are from the church, and their beliefs are deeply embedded in her mind. However, she meets a demon called Tokijin, who can transform into a human form. They fall in love, and Rose is caught between the beliefs she was raised with and her love for Tokijin.

Long ago, it was common for humans to destroy villages they thought were inhabited by demons and to murder any demon that was found. This created a war between demons and humans that has lasted centuries. However, not everyone in the universe feels demons are evil. For example, there is a planet called Orathos. The beings that reside there are determined to bring peace to the races of demons and humans.

Mystical Force: Volume 2 Angels and Demons is told from several viewpoints and at different locations in the universe. Weidhuner has fantastic character development. Each character is well thought out and brings a unique feel to the story. I found getting to know the characters, seeing their development and growth to be one of the most enjoyable parts of this novel.

The author’s writing style is spellbinding, drawing readers into the plot with strong emotional conflicts. However, the book primarily focuses on the romantic relationship between Rose and Tokijin. A demon and a demon hunting nun are two people who should despise one another because of how they have been raised. Yet, despite being taught from a young age to hate, they see the good in one another.

Mystical Force: Volume 2 Angels and Demons is a thrilling young adult fantasy novel. Combining science fiction elements and paranormal activity, the author creates action and suspense that will captivate teen readers.

Pages: 69 | ASIN : B0921PPSGC

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Mystical Force: Vol. 1 Stranger in a Strange Land

Mystical Force: Vol. 1 Stranger in a Strange Land is the first book of this new and exciting fantasy adventure series written by Craig Weidhuner. This gripping story begins with the prophecy that a “chosen one” would bring destruction to the land. Meanwhile, Zolida is convinced that if she summons someone “not from this world,” that person can help save Earth. So Zolida performs the summoning ritual, bringing Shi-ria, a Taman Knight, to Earth from another world.

Once on Earth, Zolida and Shi-ra form a team with friends of Zolida in order to fight off those that are causing harm. Unfortunately, another group of humans is determined to get rid of them for their “ungodly” powers. If that wasn’t enough, a sorceress named Scarlet Knightwalker believes that if the chosen one meets the one not from this world, the meeting will set off a disastrous chain of events. Shi-ria must learn why Zolida is so determined to have her meet the chosen one and what fate Scarlet Knightwalker fights so vehemently against.

This novel builds conflict quickly and with a lot of action. Readers will be catapulted into the adventure from the opening pages. The author provides detailed world-building at the beginning of the story that gives readers a good understanding of where the different characters come from. As this is the first book which sets up the Stranger in a Strange Land saga, this is to be expected. Even though we are given this abundance of details the author always delivers the information within the action of the story so that it flows organically and ensures readers stay engaged even though facts and activity are coming in equal measure. These opening chapters do a great job of building up the tension in the story around upcoming conflict. This high level of tension around the conflict is carried through the novel with a plot and action that is always moving.

Mystical Force: Vol. 1 Stranger in a Strange Land is a riveting fantasy adventure novel that consistently engages readers. This is a fantastic starting point for a genre blending series that takes modern earth and inserts some intriguing science fiction ideas to create a page-turning adventure.

Pages: 95 | ASIN : B08HPHN3CP

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