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Vengeful Strike

Vengeful Strike is an entertaining short story by author Jah-Femi Telewa. It is a tale of a soldier named Killsmani and how he struggles to serve his king. One day the fictional northern lands of Nottally receive visitors from their southern neighbors. Bearing gifts and riches for the king, they are welcomed with open arms. Killsmani then has a peculiar dream where his sword becomes enchanted with what may be a blessing or a curse. He goes on to fight many successful battles for his king until some unrest comes to the land. Killsmani’s decisions will impact Nottally for the years to come.

Vengeful Strike reads like a fable or fairy tale, with a moral lesson of choosing between right and wrong. The setting is medieval/fantasy, the characters are mysterious, and the feats are mighty. There are the bones of a good fairy tale here, but as it is laid out, the consequences are more matter-of-fact than cautionary, as one traditionally expects in a fable or fairy tale. Killsmani’s choices are thrust upon him, and he reactively responds to certain situations rather than thinking about the consequences. The other characters are there merely to prop up the tale of Killsmani and his plight.

The audiobook version of Vengeful Strike was quite entertaining. The production value was extremely high quality, included some pretty good sound effects, and the narration was lively. In addition, I thought the story, while predictable at times, was a pleasant tale.

Vengeful Strike will captivate fantasy readers and draw them into the kingdom of Nottaly. Readers who enjoy fables and folktales will really enjoy this short story. I also feel like this is an excellent outline of what could be a compelling full-length novel about Killsmani and his enchanted sword. I would also like to see more adventures in the kingdom of Notttally and the surrounding lands.

Pages: 26 | ASIN : B0BH36DRRJ

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