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Alex Chornyj Author Interview

Vincelles is a collection of emotional poems about family and life. What were some themes you wanted to capture while writing your poetry?

Some of the themes I wanted to capture while writing my poetry are the values of family heritage; how energy, spirit, love and light transcend a person; being connected to your identity and your inner self; and finally having a sense of purpose that has a path you are in synchronicity with.

Your great grandfather was a significant person in founding the Vincelles village. How old were you when you really started to appreciate this and how has it affected you?

I was about eighteen when I came of age to recognize what history I had in my family’s lineage. I have a sense of deep pride in the contributions my great grandfather made to the village of Vincelles. The fact that when Vincelles created its coat of arms they placed a feather in the bottom left corner to represent his life of service instills me with honour. Vincelles has translated my poem Vincelles into French which appears in my book Little Angels and has placed it beside its coat of arms in Vincelle’s city hall which is a great tribute to me. This has affected my life to inspire me to higher heights.

My favorite poem from this collection is Beckoning Resonation. What is your favorite poem from this book?

My favourite poem in Vincelles is Marks What We Become because this in its essence is how I see myself becoming an ascended spirit.

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These excellent poems in the poetry collection reveal the intense power of poetic genius. The poems have subtlety and delicacy of emotions. There is undoubtedly a very attractive and impressive variety of poems in this collection.


Vincelles is a collection of poems by Alex Chornyj. These fictional poems are words crafted carefully to showcase our emotions and souls as human being. The author has used the poems to portray the importance of aligning one with the universe and also to honor family lineage and all these can be felt in every word used in Vincelles. The author shows the readers the importance of knowing your heritage and lineage and embracing the two close to your heart for it is through them that one discovers their sole purpose in the universe. Every poem in this book expresses power and emotions at the same time.

Alex Chornyj’s 4th great grandfather was one of the significant people in founding the Vincelles village in France. As the reader goes through every single poem in this book, one can feel the importance of Vincelles village and relate it to ones roots. The author shows the importance of family and family history in one’s life and how the two impacts one’s life not only in character definition but also on creating vibrant souls. The most important aspect of this book is our soul energy and how to become one with it.

The author through his words of wisdom makes it possible for the readers to connect with their inner self in a magnificent way; not on the physical realm but on a spiritual and awakened way.

The author encourages readers to do good deeds; not for their own good or to feel good about themselves but for all generations that follow. The author has used simple language that can be understood by readers of different ages from all walks of life. The meaning of the poems are not hidden but transparent and reflects every society. All the poems in this book have one objective, and that is to connect readers with the universe in a spiritual way. The author has highlighted some benefits of doing this like inner peace and growth. I highly recommend this book to all readers who love literature and those who want to connect with their true selves.

Pages: 126 | ISBN-10: 9389690331

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