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A Crime Against Humanity

Lucia Mann
Lucia Mann Author Interview

Weeping Goes Unheard provides a detailed account of the atrocities Canada has inflicted on indigenous people. What inspired you to write a book on this topic?

I was inspired to write Weeping Goes Unheard after I came across one of the numerous old journalism notebooks, marked ‘Racial profiling in Canada that was gathering dust in my basement cellar. I had a bad time trying to decipher my notes that were shorthand scribbled. I have long forgotten this technique and had to take a refresher course! But I’m so glad I did because nothing justifies the racial genocide of Canadian Indigenous Peoples.

What is the biggest obstacle indigenous people face in seeking recognition of these atrocities from the Canadian government?

Genuine acknowledgment of wrongdoing (past and present) because “sorry” is as hollow as a drum coming from the Canadian government and religious officials who hide in foxholes of protection and denial.

What can people do to support indigenous people today?

Write to their First Nations Chiefs and tell them that you hear them, feel their anguish and what can you do to help. I did by telling their story that will keep echoing in my heart forever and hopefully many more caring humans will after they have read Weeping Goes Unheard. Let politicians know that it is unacceptable, a crime against humanity, to treat their citizens so shamefully.

I appreciate the fantastic research that went into this book. Was there anything that surprised you while researching this book?

As a seasoned journalist, nothing normally surprises me, but the overwhelming vast numbers of dead and missing Indigenous women who didn’t get the same intense criminal investigation as a non-Indigenous person was indeed eyebrow-raising not to mention the small-pox-infected blankets intended to wipe off the original owners of Canada.

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A Historical Record Attesting to the Heartless and Brutal Atrocities of Canada’s Indigenous People
Weeping Goes Unheard educates and highlights those unfamiliar with Canada’s shady history in its treatment of native people. This comprehensive narrative presents their heartbreak and how they endeavored, failed, tried again and again to live together peacefully and equally with the non-Indigenous population. These accounts demonstrate that there can be no peace and harmony unless there’s equal justice for all.
Lucia Mann records the harrowing personal stories of racial genocide on the part of European settlers, which ultimately led to creating the abhorrent “Indian Act”—now 144 years old. This law paved the way for other subsequent immoral treatment of Canada’s indigenous people. Weeping Goes Unheard represents a long overdue look at tragic circumstances that have been existing in the shadows for far too long.

Weeping Goes Unheard

Weeping Goes Unheard: Sacred Tears for Indigenous Victims of Racial Genocide by [Lucia Mann]

Weeping Goes Unheard by Lucia Mann is a heartbreakingly beautiful tribute to the lives of Canadian Indigenous Peoples. This book highlights racial disparities and brings to light the horrors of colonization while celebrating the perseverance and strength of Indigenous communities. Mann’s journalistic approach to centuries of wrongdoings presents the information in a clear manner without insensitivity to the disrupted and destroyed lives splayed out within the story.

Weeping Goes Unheard presents the brutal truth: from the beginnings of colonization, Canadian settlers actively tried to erase Canada’s Indigenous Peoples from their land and their homes. But this is not a problem of the past—to this day the government still mistreats Indigenous communities, promising them relief that never comes and ignoring the harsh realities of their suffering. Over hundreds of years, atrocities such as murder and torture plagued the lives of Indigenous people at the hands of white settlers. While this information is difficult to read, it’s important to teach to everyone, not just Canadians.

I felt that Weeping Goes Unheard was a powerful story that carried truth and care within. I loved Mann’s approach, providing tender narratives that were shattered by the impact of white colonizers. The topics discussed within this book highlighted my own ignorance and taught me about the awful impact of settling and residential schools across Canada. I was appalled to learn of the history erased by colonists, and how generations of treasured knowledge and understanding was lost between Indigenous Peoples after the destruction of their livelihoods.

I found the information presented in Weeping Goes Unheard poignant and thought-provoking. I think even more narrative stories would make this book a treasured text—I loved the inclusion of personal accounts and found myself wanting to read more. Though I think this book is immensely powerful as it is and that its educational strength is invaluable. I loved the way Mann honored lost lives and histories throughout the text, and it left me emotional.

The facts laid out in this book are horrifying but necessary, and it is a fantastic book for teaching everyone about the atrocities committed against Canadian Indigenous Peoples. Now more than ever, this book feels timely and important, and I think it’s one that everyone should read in their lifetime.

Pages: 268 | ASIN: B097S1W6MS

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