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The Author’s Little Red Guide to Editing

The Author’s Little Red Guide to Editing is every author’s dream book. Debbie Burke compiled writing, editing, and publishing fundamentals in this short and well-written book. Every topic in every chapter has critical information that aspiring authors and editors need.

Writing is an old, beautiful art that will stay with humanity forever. If you want to stand out from your peers, you need people like Debbie Burke, who have done it and even gone further to document the experiences, challenges, tricks, tips, and good and bad aspects of writing. The Author’s Little Red Guide to Editing is an evergreen book and ideal for all who want to be the best writers and editors in their spaces.

I like that the author starts the book by sharing her experience getting edited. The author writes about her first book, her pioneer roles, the rookie mistakes she made, and the learning process, and she even includes some personal incidents. I also appreciate the author for the questions that she infused in her narration. Burke had a few questions in writing, which she comprehensively answered as she told her story. The author brilliantly responded to questions like how to tell your editor not to change your essay, how to write fantasy, how to use tenses, and more.

The first chapter in the book was my favorite, but I also had multiple other topics that I enjoyed. Throughout the book, the author tackles various literary areas. Topics range from editing to basing writing skills from how to choose an editor, writing regionalisms, proofreading, tips that can guide your writing journey, taking from other authors, different ways of publishing, and other related subjects. As a reader, you are assured that you have all the required information gently shared with you.

The Author’s Little Red Guide to Editing is the perfect companion for anyone in the literary field looking for information on publishing and editing. This handy reference guide will answer many questions and those you didn’t even think to ask.

Pages: 73 | ASIN : B09Y4TFP63

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