Mountain Heat

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Mountain Heat follows a woman named Charley who’s ex-husband goes missing while researching a group of Apache Native Americans to help them reclaim sacred land in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Unfortunately, Charley wasn’t informed until he has been missing for weeks, which means she’s well behind others already looking. Bad quickly turns to worse.

Charley and her friend Nash go to Las Cruces immediately to find out what happened to him, but quickly realize that trouble is lurking around every corner. Thankfully, Charley meets an Indian man named Black Hawk who becomes a much-needed ally to their cause. While uncovering the fate of her ex-husband Jimmy, they stumble onto a world that is both corrupt and unjust and realize there is more at stake than just one life.

Mountain Heat was well written and I felt for the characters, including feeling so sad that I had to stop reading for a moment and gather myself to not be upset with the characters performing such cruelty to others. That type of writing has an impact on readers and showcases the writer’s talent for being able to transform her characters and the story in such a way that you feel the aspects of the book. Not all authors can do this, and it shows the passion for storytelling that Natrelle Long has.

The ending was what I had hoped for. I wanted to feel closure for all of the characters, but particularly for Charley. I would have liked to get more backstory on why Jimmy and Charley broke up, but the author gave us enough to guess the situation and how the outcome came to be. I also thoroughly enjoyed Nash and Black Hawk. Both are serious and rugged, but Black Hawk had moments of sarcasm and humor that could rival Charley’s in the best way.

Charley was my favorite character. She does things I don’t agree with, but you can understand why she does what she does. She believes in right and wrong, and I could guess a few of her moves, but I’m glad that she’s also the kind of character who can reign in her emotions and see what’s important. I love her sarcasm because I am a naturally sarcastic person in my life. I found myself relating to her moods in the book in certain areas while feeling I would have pushed the envelope with my words just as she did. I genuinely believe that the author did a great job in this book and could only find fault with one area of the book that was just too heartbreaking for me and seemed unnecessary in regard to a single character.

Mountain Heat was an engaging and thoroughly entertaining book that I would recommend to fans of crime fiction and urban fantasy.

Pages: 97


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